What happened to Repressed Memories thread?

What happened to this thread?
It is referenced in other threads, but the link doesn’t work and I can’t find it via the search feature. I assume it has been deleted. Why? Is it because it is such a controversial issue or because individual posts were inappropriate?

I am not trying to restart the thead if the topic is off-limits, but I would appreciate any links to results of reputable studies. I’d also like to know what happened. Thanks!

Is this the one you want?

Oh, and the topic is not off-limits. Very little is, in this forum. :wink:

Gaudere, thanks so much for your reply, but that is actually not the thread I’m looking for. However, that thread contains many mentions of and apparent links to a thread entitled “Repressed Memories”. The links in the False Memories thread don’t work and I can’t find the title “Repressed Memeories” in the search.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to improve performance in the old Ubb system, we carefully archived all of our best older threads. Then we switched to the Vbb system, which fixed the worst of our crashing problems but had trouble converting the archived threads, so we can’t access any of them. I suspect the original “Repressed Memories” thread was archived and is thus currently inaccessible. However, you can always start a new thread, and if you ask David nicely he might be able to rustle up the references he used in the old “Repressed Memories” thread. :wink:

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

I thought I remembered where it went…

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I tried to think of my ex-wife’s birthday and couldn’t.
(I never missed it the 27 years we were together)
I have tried to block most things from my mind about her (it was a messy divorce) and I guess I succeeded.

Then I remembered it was a week after mine.
So now I have a note to ask someone when mine is.

It was repressed.

Any questions?