What happened to Rick Moranis? [ed. title]

or just his career?

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rick_Moranis#Retirement

He works when he feels like it but that’s not often. He said on in an interview I read that- I’m paraphrasing- he got to where he didn’t enjoy making movies much anyway, then after his wife died he wanted to be there for his kids as much as possible, then after doing that for a while it occurred to him that as long as he doesn’t live in 25,000 square foot mansions and fly in Gulfstreams every other week he has enough money to live indefinitely in comfort and enjoys not working more than he enjoyed working, so…

He left the business rather than the other way around it. He did a country-western album a few years ago (semi-parody) that got good reviews and he’s done his Great White North character with Dave Thomas on a couple of projects (some live appearances and a cartoon) and does something once in a while as the spirit moves him. He’s never remarried but I think he has a she-partner he’s been involved with for a number of years, so that probably keeps him happy as well. He sounds like a really cool guy.

Good for him.

Moranis didn’t voice Bob on the Bob and Doug cartoon, it was Dave Coulier. Moranis was a producer of the show, but decided not to voice the character.

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