What Happened to Steven Weed? (Patty Hearst)

I saw a Patty Hearst minidocumentary on PBS’s the American Experience last night.

Hearst was grabbed up at the apartment she shared with her then-fiancé Steven Weed. Weed became a major figure in the story: addressing the press behind a truly massive soup strainer of a mustache, being called out by Hearst in her captivity tapes etc …

Hearst married her bodyguard upon release from Prison … the documentary talked about the fate for many of the rest of the players but not Weed (with whom Patty broke off the engagement with via tape while in captivity).

I know Weed wrote a book in 1976 with a Mr. Soward called “My Search For Patricia Hearst” and then … nothing. So anyone know what happened to him?

According to a [synopsis (doc)](www.magpictures.com/distribution/ data/press/guerrilla_production_notes) of Robert Stone’s 2004 (?) film Guerilla: The Taking of Patty Hearst,

Kinda nice to think that you can be that notorious and still manage to achieve obscurity in later life, actually. “At last report”.

Hmmm, maybe not that much obscurity, actually. You think this California realtor looks like the guy in the Patty Hearst engagement photo?

WOW! Gotta be him. Thanks** Kimstu ** - the show last night made it like the Hearst’s had hated him (he was her college tutor) then during the early kidnap days the old man came to rely on him & semi-liked him. Further, Patty took some shots at him while she was with the SLA making him seem even more good-guyish – even with that monsterous 'stash (actaully *low keyed * in your pic).

This explanation makes much more sense than : he went from major figure in a media circus to suddenly was never heard heard from again.