Sarah Palin smoked weed, did blow and banged Glen Rice

Leaks from Joe McGuinness’ upcoming book about Sarah palin will allegedly reveal that she engaged in all kinds of illegal drug use, had a one night stand with NBA star, Glen Rice (a friend is quoted as saying Sarah “had a fetish for black guys” at the time, and that she “hauled his ass down” while she was a sports reporter for an Alaskan television station), and had a six month affair with her husband’s business partner.

Somehow, I think the thing that will bug her supporters the most is that she fucked a black guy.

For the record, I believe every word. McGuinness has been a responsible journalist in the past.

Just another “gotcha” personal attack from the lamestream media!

Seriously though her supporters will either be conviced that these are malicious lies against her, or that they happned so long ago that they don’t matter (like GWB’s coke habit).

I’m torn between just sitting back and soaking up the schadenfreude on this one and ignoring the whole thing. It might be hard to ignore though, since I’ve already been exposed through what I assume are actual excerpts in this week’s Doonesbury.

That’s “McGinnis.”

I think Sarah Palin is a vicious nitwit. That said, I don’t want information like this being used against her. It was irrelevant when it was Bill Clinton, and it’s irrelevant now. I don’t want to go down to the level of Ken Starr and his ilk; I want us to be better than that.

Who cares if it’s relevant? It’s funny and she deserves it. This is also karma, since she has tried to to play the holy, Christly, Jesus card so often. Sounds like she used to could party.

Thanks. My bad.

I agree.

But I’d still pay to see the video.

Before she was married, Sarah Palin apparently had a one-night stand with basketball player Glen Rice.

Is this a non-issue? If it is an issue, how should her handlers spin this? There’s sex-before-marriage, a one-night hookup, interracial sex…will these things make a difference to her fans?

No Palin fan here by a long shot, but since this happened over 20 years ago and I don’t personally think having a little casual whoopee is that big a deal, I’m thinking non-issue.

But then I have loose morals. :slight_smile:

Well, personal matters are political when they are the personal matters of a politician. If the conduct of a person’s private life makes it less likely for you to vote for them, that’s an entirely legitimate decision and a potential problem for that politician. If you make a decision that other matters in balance are more important, that’s legitimate as well.

In the case of the Starr investigation, there was a lot more at play than simple matters of personal revelations, and I don’t really think these can be easily compared.

McGinnis is free to write what he wants, assuming his book can stand up to legal scrutiny and he can find a publisher. These aren’t hard to do for him. And people can do what they want with the book.

In the past I have defended Palin on a couple of specific things, but I won’t do so across the board. She wouldn’t be my preferred candidate should she choose to run.

So apparently not. Still, I’ve known a few white girls in my time who “hated niggers” and didn’t mind saying so, but still did the occasional brother. People are weird, especially when it comes to sex and race.

Who cares?

Edit: That’s not negatively directed towards the OP since it IS a “news” story today. I just can’t imagine it influencing anyone’s opinion.

The Starr comparions are a little off, since that wasn’t just about gossip, but about a political party actually using public resources to actively try to prosecute a sitting President for getting a blow job. No one is trying to prosecute Sarah, just laugh at her.

No, no, no–you libtards just don’t get it. This is an affirmative qualification, lacking in every other candidate, to speak out against promiscuous, miscegenistic sex. She’s been there, she’s the expert, she KNOWS how wrong it is (for everyone outside her immediate family, that is.)

These are the first good things I’ve heard about her. Ya know.

Wow, with that thread title, I was sure it was a post from Super Kapowzler.

Palin fans probably aren’t going to be inclined to find McGinniss credible.

She was able to successfully spin her unmarried teen daughter’s pregnancy into a selling point about family values, so no, I don’t think she’ll have any negative repercussions from this.

The book also she alleges that she did coke and weed, and had an affair after she was married. None of it is especially significant except for the hypocrisy, but I have a feeling that Palins fans will be more bothered by her sleeping with a black guy than anything else.

As long as he has a long-form birth certificate proving he’s a natural-born citizen, I don’t think they’ll be too bothered by it.