Sarah Palin smoked weed, did blow and banged Glen Rice

Pregnancy, STD, etc

LOL… I do remember Glen had a smooth follow through…
So Mama Grizzly likes the chocolate eh??

As a Democrat, I wish the book alleged Rick Perry had done all those things instead of Mama Grizzly.

There can’t be any political repercussions for Sarah because her political career is already over, whether she knows it or not.

Some people like white rice, apparently Sarah prefers the brown.

I take it this means McGinnis and her won’t be neighbors?

Are there any pics or vids of the alleged sex?

You probably have a point there.

It will be interesting–in a facile way–as to how the various culture commentators spin this, particularly those with female audiences. Will it be more of a “you go, girl” thing, or will she be painted as some kind of hypocrite? Given where the culture is now, I’d guess the former.

I’m not sure if Zondervan will be putting out any more Palin-centered books in the near future, though.

I don’t care . She is not capable of being a president, too stupid and too provincial. I do not care who she has sex with.

Where does she find the time? This is what separates the famous political figures from the rest of us mere mortals. They’ve already fucked someone other than their spouse, a bunch of taxpayers and a foreign country before the rest of us have had our coffee.

Gives a whole new meaning to Going Rogue, now doesn’t it?

Agreed, she is too stupid and too provincial to be president, but regardless of her lack of presidential qualifications, I’d still like to see her fuck.


Way to smear your political opponents with allegations of racism.


Otherwise, gotta say if Sarah Palin offered me drugs and sex 20 years ago, I would have hit that.

When I first read the OP, I thought Wait… Glenn Beck didn’t play bball, did he?

Get THAT image out of your heads!

Yes, yes, I get it - it’s a parody and you’re not really calling Skammer a libtard. It’s still a crass comment and more suited for the Pit than for this forum.

Um…yeah…you figured that out. Good for you. I was worried that I was being too cryptic.

Anyone else wondering if she said, “It’s twue, it’s twue” during her encounter with Glen?

“It’s true, you betcha.”

Why play the race card? Got any facts to back up your theory?

Otherwise, it’s just a cheap shot.

I think it’ll be a non-issue. One side will say it shows Sarah Palin is a hypocrite over family values and conservatives are hypocrites over infidelity (nothing new) and the other side will say it shows that the liberal media is making personal attacks against Sarah Palin (nothing new). As far as the actual issue, there’s nothing really there - the entire story will become about the response to the issue.

It falsifies the hypothesis that you don’t go back.

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