Sarah Palin smoked weed, did blow and banged Glen Rice

A [former] politician caught in hypocracy or flip-flops? Shocked. Shocked.

I thought she was irrelevant since, I don’t know, last spring?

I like the thread title I saw in my head better: “Sarah Palin smoked weed, did blow and banged Glenn Beck.”

I think the more relevant question is, who cares ? Republican stuffy collars care about that shit. More, ah, enlightened thinkers don’t. “He smoked WEEEED !” was this huge gotcha on Bill Clinton, so much so that he had to go to retarded lengths to try and convince them it wasn’t a big deal. Didn’t inhale, my arse.

But the thing is, we don’t. Or at least, I don’t. I don’t care if a politician snorts coke off a hooker’s arse mid-bestiality orgy. Good for them. Enjoy life.
In this sense, it seems hypocritical to me to use that kind of stuff as political ammunition. Either “we” (remember, French guy, don’t vote, smirkingly detached combat correspondent) give a shit, or we don’t.

It gives new meaning to “drill, baby, drill”, I suppose. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m about as far as you can get from being a fan of Palin, and I wouldn’t be surprised if any or all of these allegations were true, but I still don’t consider this McGinnis guy to be a credible source. Call me back when there’s actual evidence.

Or don’t bother. Even if there were ironclad proof, it wouldn’t make any difference anyway: The country is exactly divided between those who wouldn’t support her in any event, and those who would say that it’s all OK anyway since she’s repented.

Not just Palin fans. The whole thing sounds too frikkin’ easy. Is this that same stalker that moved next door to her Wasilla home awhile back? While Palin brings a lot of the crap down on her own head, I got to feel a little sorry for anyone that’s got an asshole like this around that makes his living through the sale of dirt on her. This happened decades ago, this and things like it and just now we’re hearing about it? Jeez, just who the hell is inclined to bite on that?

It’s not political ammunition to me, just entertainment. Politically, it is at least hypocritical, though. That’s always the rub for social conservatives. It’s the fact that they themselves make sexually morality into a big deal that makes it newsorthy when they get exposed.

Way to buy right into the Palin/Fox News narrative on that.

Here’s the scoop, McGinnis went to Wasilla to research his book. While he was there, he had two choices of where he could stay. He could stay at the one hotel in town, or he could stay, for half the price he would have paid at the hotel, to rent the house next to the Palin’s property.

Oh ho, you say. He still should have stayed at the hotel because that’s just creepy.

Guess where the only hotel in Wasilla is located. Go ahead, guess.

It’s on other side of the Palin property, and actually has a better view. McGinnis would have been next door to the Palins either way. He had no option to stay anywhere that was NOT next door to the Palins.

He also never tried to spy on her or peep on her or harass her at all, even though her husband did trespass on the property McGinnis was renting and threatened him.

Congratulations on buying uncritically into the Palin victim narrative, though.

The thing is, from the Xtian point of view, no past misdeed is suppose to count once she has genuinely repented. They would be hypocritical to hold the things mentioned in the OP against her if they happened before she was born again. (I’m assuming Mrs. Palin is a believer of that stripe; I don’t actually know.)

You’ll have to narrow it down a bit. Is the Best Western Lake Lucille Inn, The Grand View Inn and Suites, Alaska’s Select Inn Motel, Alaska Adventures Unlimited Chalets or the Agate Inn the “only hotel in Wasilla”?

The only hotel in Wasilla, at least when McGinnis was there, was the Best Western on Lake Lucille (the lake that Palin claimed was her family’s personal “swimming hole”).

OK, I’ll play along. Which one is? Why aren’t the others?

A couple of those places you named are not in Wasilla, by the way - just near it.

Wrong, as Nars pointed out. There are 4 hotels, 19 Bed & Breakfast/Inns, 4 specialty lodging, and 3 vacation rentals according to this Cite.


Already answered. The only choice McGinnis had was the Best Western.

Incorrect. Sorry. Why don’t you actually check where that shit really is. The only place IN WASILLA was the Best Western at the time.

ETA I think somebody is talking about smoking pot in another thread. You better run and report them.

Do you believe that the others were built after McGinnis’ visit or that they were unavailable? They all have Wasilla addresses.

Incidentally, you can’t stay in a bed and breakfast or a resort for six months, so those are not realistic options.

Probably some combination of both. I distinctly remember reading back at the time that the only other place available to him was the Best Western on the other side of the Palins. Affordability might have had something to do with it too, though. In any case, it was a phony issue.

You can’t? Is this some weird Alaskan law or did you just make it up?