What happened to Tenacious D?

Tenacious D used to be such a great band. they were funny as hell, not to mention very musically talented (although some would say their talent was “misplaced”). jack black decided to sell out and make bad movies like shallow hal and school of rock. what’s he doing wasting his time with this garbage, while “jesus ranch” never got a proper studio recording??

i hope there are many people as upset as i am.

I love(d) Tenacious D, but let’s be blunt: Jack Black is the bulk of the talent, he got other opportunities, he did a good job of crediting Kyle on the way up, and he now has a bulk of work outside of the band. Work that many (your humble poster included) consider to be quite excellent.

Kyle took a bullet for JB,
So right now he’s gotta rock for three
But KG and JB,
Might make a movie about Tenacious D!?

Maybe the problem isn’t Jack’s movie career, but Kyle’s side projects? He has about three aside from Trainwreck IIRC.

I need the DVD Masterpiece…those episodes were so very good. Kage and Jables (that’s how close we are) should do more of those instead of pursuing other projects.

No need to be player-hating.

Neither the Major Label D debut CD, nor the DVD release would have happened if it weren’t for the popularity that Jables established in other media. Rather than neglect the D for the money movie projects, I would suggest that JB has been using the money movie projects to insure the D’s health and well-being.

Also worth noting: it was only as recently as this past fall that the Tenacious DVD was released. I think it’s a bit early to be mourning a loss. I think they’re much more broadly active now than they were before Jables “sold out”.

Any chance they’ll tour again?
I’d love to see em rock the party!

Shallow Hal is the greatest movie of this millennium!

The D Reign and will be back to conquor the world…this is promise.

And what are KG’s side projects…never heard any of them

I think you’re taking Tenacious D a little too seriously.

Mistake me if I’m wrong but isn’t Tenacious D just a novelty act from “Mr Show with Bob and David” or something? Granted, I love the CD but to talk about Jack Black selling out when he’s obviously more of a actor is a bit ludicrous.

no way, man. keep a straight face and tell me that the d’s music isn’t way better than anything in the top 40 right now. and jack is “obviously more of an actor”?? name one decent movie starring jack black. often the greatest talent is ignored because of its “novelty” value. (ween anyone?)

I can name two: High Fidelity and The Cable Guy

Oy. Mistake me if I am wrong? What a moronic typo. That should be “correct me if I am wrong” obviously.

So far as your post goes, I’ve enjoyed most of Jack Black’s movies… even the mediocre “School of Rock” and he was great in “High Fidelity”, as the poster above me mentioned.

Also, were the D ever Top 40? If not, the comparison doesn’t work. I can name tons of bands I prefer though. Tool, RHCP, APC, the Foo Fighters, and Pearl Jam chief among them.

What am I, invisible here? Shallow Hal kicks the butt of every other movie made during this millennium.

I’ve been a D fan since my brothers and I used to stay up and watch the HBO shows when I was in Jr. High. Tenacious D has and always will work best as something KG and JB do for fun. The moment it becomes a main focus for either of them the magic will be gone.

IIRC, KG’s official side projects are Trainwreck, Wank, and Piper Green.

Hey TwistofFate, do you enter every thread thinking to yourself “What could I possibly say about this topic that’s negative?” Just curious.

As for Jack Black. I am sad that such a hilarious guy has been in so many horrible movies. Orange County practically had stink lines coming off the screen. If the D is making a movie though I’ll definitely be there for it.

That is pretty close to the truth. I’ve seen JB say several times in interviews music is his first love but acting pays the bills.

“You’re a fuckin’ naysayer!”