What happened to that website...

… where something or other ‘of enormous importance’ was going to be revealed? - IIRC the author claimed to have found a damaged camera in some bushes while out walking, then he supposedly developed the film and was on the run from somebody - I think it was about now that he was going to reveal the big secret to the world.

Not that I think there was anything in it, but I’m just curious to see what is on the site now.

Ah, found it


He cites another site that debunks his one… http://www.mountainsub.com and is a publicity stunt too.

However, keen observers of HTML will note that the code of both sites is written in the exact same style. It’s all a bit old stunt, IMO, but very clever with it.

The actual text content and style is very similar too; almost certainly written by the same person.