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HELP!!! I need to find a copy of a friend’s old website page that used to be on the site. The new page doesn’t have the info on it, the site isn’t in google or archive.org. How else can I find an older copy of the site:confused: It is VERY important to my future :eek:

I don´t think you´ll find what you´re looking for in the previous link… :dubious:

As for your question, it isn´t clear, ths site your frien had changed or was just terminated?, if the later you´re screwed because the files are gone; if it changed, the page you need MAY still be there in the site structure; try an FTP browsing program, GetRight comes with one, you can use it to search the site.

But, before that; why don´t you just ask your friend to send you what you need? :confused: