Help the Web building dummy, please.

I reformatted my hard drive. Had to-- long story. Anyways, I’ve got this webpage (you can click an icon somewhere down on the bottom of this post to see it, but don’t do it if you don’t like romance novels) that I built with Brodbundt’s Web Designer (it is now obsolete) and then shifted to Frontpage later.
Now the webpage is gone from my hard drive. Does anybody know what the easiest way to get my page from the web back on to my hard drive?

P.S. Frontpage is now loaded on my computer.

If you have the FTPdetails of the host site, just log on and use an FTP client to copy all the html files, images etc back to your PC.

On the browser menu:


Save As

**Kymodoce **, why didn’t I think of that? That makes absolute perfect sense. I hope I can get the files in where they are supposed to go. The extensions that geocities uses is different from the one Frontpage uses, but I think (I hope) I can fix that.

Um, do you know where I can upload ftp? Used to have it, don’t anymore and don’t remember when or where I got it from.
legion, that won’t work, wiseguy.

legion wasn’t being a wiseguy -that’s a good way to do it. The only problem you’d run into is that you might have to save all the images too, and of course you’d have to save each page that it links to - if any- as well.

SmartFTP is a reasonably easy to use ftp client, and should be on If it isn’t, there are many other free ftp clients there, I am sure.

The other posters are correct, you could do it the ‘Save As’ way, but it would be a pain if there are loads of pages, links and images… that’s why i suggested the ftp route. Also, you will need to upload the site at a later date, and you can use the same ftp method in reverse for that.

Sorry I called you a wiseguy, legion. Now you can call me a snooty biatch. Or even better a purple dingleberry. Or sashquach’s snatch.
On second thought, don’t call me sasquach’s snatch-- that’s just nasty.