Where can I put up a temporary web page quickly?

I backed up a Facebook page (full html) before it got changed. Now I’d like to put that page up on the internet for illustrative purposes and link to it at least temporarily. Where and how can I do this quickly? I’m looking for something that’s just a matter of me uploading html files without signing up for web hosting, and it’s only one page. Photobucket and Picasa only lets you upload images and video, right?


Thanks, but that’s not allowing me to upload a Webpage complete (htm, html), which means all the files associated with a web page. It only allows me to edit text and add images within the little blank homepage it makes. Is there a way to upload my ready made HTML files?

Your ISP probably gave you some web space that you can use. Upload the files via FTP, but without all the associated scripts it may not work as it did on Facebook.

If you just want to put a static view of the page up (maybe to demonstrate what it looked like, etc), you could open the HTML snapshot in your browser, then just take a screenshot of it and upload that to any image hosting service.

To get the full page you’d probably need to take several screen shots and splice them together, if the page is long.

You could also print the page to PDF then share the PDF.

That’s a better idea - as I think it can be made to preserve the hyperlinks etc.

With the Firefox browser use the Fireshot addon. It will take screenshots of an entire web page. No splicing required.

If there is no dynamic content, dropbox(which is immensely useful in other ways) will host a web page. It is free, and free of advertisements and spam. There are also a numerous competitive services to dropbox, lest I seem to have a bias.

Fuzzy, thanks for the Dropbox referral. I installed it, dropped my files in, and within 5 minutes I had a link to the page online. Looks like a terrific app, and just what I needed to make things easy. Like you said, it will be useful in other ways! Not many services allow you to share non-image files (Photobucket and Facebook won’t take pdfs) on a board like this, for example.