What happened to the gay rebuttal?

I am not looking for a debate for there is nothing to debate. That said, I have to ask: When the subject of same-sex marriage was approached in the past, it was recognized that no society has ever embraced homosexuality and survived. So, what happened to this argument?

probably someone flushed

It’s not really an argument but more of an opinion. I mean, what societies embraced homosexuality in the past and were destroyed as a result of it? Sodom and Gomorrah don’t count any more than Atlantis does, so you’re left with what? The ancient greeks? I hate to break it to you but they’re still here.

No society in the past ever embraced cellphones and survived either.

Really. When you pause to look at it, you have to deal with the meaning of “society survived” because the record is that ALL societies at some point “fall” – the resilient ones will adapt, evolve and eventually show up again in another version.

In fact, no society ever survived. Is ancient Rome the same society as ancient Rome? If they are saying that societies died because they “embraced” (whatever that means) homosexualism, let’s see the evidence. It’s like saying that Sandy was destructive “because” New Yorkers are so unreligious. If you believe that, I cannot refute it, but there is no evidence.

It never made any sense in the first place, and after sufficient mockery homophobes changed their argument.