What happened to the immigration ban?

I’ve never seen a topic dropped so fast by both the media and politicos. The day the ban was found unconstitutional the second time it seems like it completely disappeared from the national conversation. What’s the status of the order and why do you think (maybe imho) was it dropped so fast?

I think it is still in court. Both EOs are. So it wasn’t dropped, as much as we’re all just waiting for the incredibly slow wheels of justice to turn. Until a ruling occurs, or Trump back tracks on them (or issues a third), there’s not much more for the news media to say.

Yet Trump is oddly silent about the thousands of terrorists who daily pour into the country.
It’s almost like he lied about that.

The original ban (Executive Order 13679) was locally enjoined by various federal district courts. A federal judge in the Western District of Washington enjoined the ban nationwide, and the Ninth Circuit upheld the injunction.

The administration then revoked the original order and issued a narrower one, EO 13780, which was blocked by a Hawaii federal judge. It’s on appeal to the Ninth Circuit. Oral argument on the new ban and new injunction is scheduled for May 15.

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