What happened to the malware warnings?

Wasn’t there a sticky about malware in ATMB? Was just browsing the Dope on IE on a new Windows 10 tablet and got an annoying pop up telling me to call a number and that my computer has been infected with a virus. It had a woman’s voice with a British accent.

I’ve restarted the tablet and it doesn’t seem to be there. What anti-Malware software works for a Windows 10 tablet? This tablet allows me to log into work, and I can’t do that until I’m sure it’s cleared of any crapware.

It’s in GQ, not ATMB. But it hasn’t been updated much lately, so I’m not sure if there’s anything in there about tablets.

That malware sticky is horrendously out of date. I started editing a new version but haven’t had the time to finish it.

Since Windows 10 anti-malware software isn’t something that is specific to the SDMB, I’d recommend starting a new thread in GQ specifically for that part of your post.