Malware popup with Android.

Just got a popup box telling me I had a virus. It mentioned something about amazonews.some string of numbers, and it had two boxes to either cancel or go. It specifically mentioned thatnI was using Android. I killed the browser (Chrome with Android running Jelly Bean), ran Malwarebytes, and was told my system was clean. I’m using a tablet, I live in Houston, Tx, and I use SBCYahoo as my ISP.

Do you guys need any other info? I wish I had a screenshot or more info on the popup for you, but I was in a hurry to kill the browser.

I get the same exact thing with my rooted Nook Tablet in the stock browser. Of course, now that I’m trying to duplicate it, it’s not working.

Same thing. Chrome, Jelly Bean, similar message. Only on SDMB so far. Although I have not seen it yet today.

I get that with my Nexus 7 but only on SDMB. I think it is linked to an ad that appears at the top of the page related to an Android antivirus but haven’t been paying enough attention to say for sure. i just click Cancel and continue on.

I’ve been getting the same thing on both my Nook and my Galaxy Note 2. Annoying as hell.

Got it. I think it’s an ad, but I’m not totally sure.

I’ll pass this information on upstairs.

I routinely get this pop-up on my Android device as well, as I mentioned in this thread:

I figure it’s just an ad, but for what I assume it’s a sketchy “anti-virus” for Android that will harvest all my data, and/or want me to pay them money after a “free scan” find loads of viruses. And I’m not willing enough to click on “ok” to see if it even takes me to the Play Store, or some third-party app website that would inspire even LESS confidence in the zero amount I have in this ad.

I just got it

It is the add at the top of the page that is triggering it.