What's with all the pop-up ads?

I’ve been getting a lot of pop-up ads on the SDMB lately, which I have never gotten before. What gives?

You probably have spyware or adware on your system. Download Ad-Aware or Spybot.

Sorry, here are the links:

The SDMB does not have pop-ups.

Thanks for the links, that’s a big help to our membership.

I recently had someone sign in to the SDMB . . . and was then promptly asked didn’t he want to download a file. Anyone else seen that?

I assume it’s another kind of pop-up.

We do not use pop-ups and we do not ask you to download files.

your humble TubaDiva

PS We DO use DoubleClick for the advertising we run on the front page. I wonder if there’s not someting there that’s triggering this action. Any of you experienced in this and want to share your knowledge?

It might not have anything to do with it, Jenny, and be purely the result of spyware/adware on the person’s computer. Several people have complained to me about pop-ups, banner ads, and other things jumping, yodeling, cavorting, and GPF’ing all over the UnaBoard - which is always a shock, since I have absolutely none of those items on or linked to my Board in any possible way.

Every time I’ve suggested to the person that they either run 1) AdAware and/or Spybot, and 2) Rebooted and tried again, the ads have vanished.

You mean that dialer I had to download to connect to lusty, busty moderators eager to talk to me for only $6.99 per minute wasn’t authentic? I thought you’d just found a practical way to solve any server problems.

No, dan, the hamsters have not been replaced by beavers.