What happened to the Radiohead "High and Dry" video set in a diner?

It had kind of a Tarantinoesque vibe to it, with grizzled criminals, a bomb at the end, etc. It is mentioned on Wikipedia:

Additionally, the plot is described on Quora. But good luck trying to find the actual video. I consider myself to have decent Google-fu, but had no luck on Google video search; nor could I find it on YouTube or Vimeo. All I found was the British version (which I had not even been aware of before), plus footage of the band playing the tune in concert, plus of course a lot of people doing covers of the song at home.

What gives?

It’s on Youtube as part of the 7 Television Commercials compilation, starting at 18:51.

Awesome, thanks! Great find.

But don’t you think it’s strange that it took going 19 minutes into a compilation? Why isn’t the individual video anywhere?

I assume somebody is guarding the rights closely on the video? The first hit I got for “Paul Cunningham High and Dry” was to the video on MTV’s website. Unfortunately, it said the video was removed due to rights issues. Try finding an original recording of a Beatles tune online. It looks like the only studio version/music video of “High and Dry” on Youtube is from the official Radiohead account, so I’m guessing they do police some of their content closely.

So either the Wikipedia entry saying they were unhappy with the British version was inaccurate, or they have changed their minds? Because they don’t seem to have a problem with that one being out there.

Sure seems like it. Or perhaps there’s some rights issue with the director, Paul Cunningham? (Though I don’t know what rights a director normally retains for a music video shoot.) Or perhaps they want to leave it off Youtube so people buy “Seven Television Commercials”?

Although Seven Television Commercials is still on Youtube, so who knows.

I saw someone in the YouTube comments say they thought the British version of the video was better, which I cannot see at all. It isn’t just that I knew this one first and like it; the other one is just so boring.

So if Thom Yorke et al has the same preference as that commenter, bad call IMO. But then, Yorke has said he doesn’t even like the song to begin with and had his arm twisted to release it, and that’s also a bad call because it’s a great song. Go figure.

I don’t know why it was removed. This b
Version is better than eve black and white. I grew up in San Leandro. People who owned Dicks Restaurant are great family friends of ours. We grew up around this place. Hanging out. Truly a gem of a place. Sad to see it go.

That’s neat. Maybe you could ask your friends if they know what happened.