What Happened to the Staff Reports?

There hasn’t been one in about a month and a half.


As commented already, when the computers got bolloxed up, we lost a ton of research as well as many staff reports that were already written. We are trying to recover what we can, and we hope to resume Staff Reports middle of April.

Computer problems being mostly solved by Jerry (Blessed be his name! All hail!), we anticipate that Staff Reports will resume next week… at worst, the week after.

OK, Staff Reports will resume the week of April 22.

Yes, but what year?

Presumably this year. The system is back up and running, and I know for a fact that there are several in the queue. I presume that the remaining delay is to let Ed get caught up on his editing duties.

April 22nd is Earth Day. Will the Staff Report have an appropriate theme?


It’s nice they are back and all, but I could have sworn it was stated there was a queue waiting to be posted. Why was the “freezing pipes” thing moved to the front of the line?

Those working on other Staff Reports couldn’t concentrate. The resumption of Staff Reports with this item will be a relief.


Yeah, there was a queue and “freezing pipes” was the next topic scheduled to be posted when the system went all to hell.

Why, did you think you had a different order?

I’m just glad to see them back. Thanks for all the hard work.

Aw! Now I’m tempted to write one!

Please hurry ! Your many fans are waiting with bated breath…
and they’re turning blue.

I like the staff reports much better than the old Cecil columns - I’ve already read the books (hasn’t everyone ?)