What Happened To This (Minor) Celebrity?

As the late Andy Warhol predicted, everybody will become famous-for 15 minutes.
Years ago, there was a crazy husband-wife incident: the pissed-off wife, tired of her hsband’s infidelities, took a knife and gelded her husband. I seem to remember that the guy recovered his member, and went to the hospital-I don’t know if the missing member got re-attached.
Anyway, the guy got onto the TV-talk radio circuit (for a while)-anybody know what happened to him? Did he write bestselling book?

John and Lorena Bobbitt?


Several years ago, I heard an ad on the radio for John Bobbitt appearing at a strip club for a ladies’ night event.

He also did at least one porn movie.

He’s got a verb named after him so I take offense at this member of the celebrity club having his name forgotten. His ability to stand up and not be a tool was quite legendary.

There is an awesomely horrible description in Ron Jeremy’s book of that porn shoot. Bobbitt had severe problems in getting and sustaining an erection. In those pre-Viagra days, the way to force an erection was … an injection into the penis. Which had to be applied repeatedly. I assume he was desperate for money. Desperate. Really desperate.

Might add that Lorena Bobbitt did not exactly “geld” her hubby. She lopped off his pecker but AFAIK left his balls intact. One must always be careful to make these distinctions…:stuck_out_tongue:

And it was called John Wayne Bobbitt: Uncut.

Forrest Stump

His wife made a porno, too, under the stage name Ivana Kutcherkockov.

The thing that I wanted to know was this. She got in her car and started to drive. After a few minutes she realized she had the penis in her hand and threw it out the window. How much time do you have to spend driving with a penis in your hand before you can do it without noticing?

Well, there was that time I got bored while driving alone…

Simultaneously exposing (ha!) him to a charge of indecent exposure, and to her for littering.

I heard that after his penis was reattached he got a job as a spokesman for SnapOn Tools.

Well, he wanted to work for HeadOn, but not after he found out you applied it directly to the forehead.

It bounced off the windshield of the car behind her, prompting the driver to say to his companion, “Wow, didja see the dick on that mosquito?”

Thumbs up to this thread for giving me multiple laugh-gasms. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks-it was Bobbitt.
The gy never seemed to make much off this “incident”. I recall him being interviewed on TV (post re-attachment)-he seemed borderline retarded.
Anyway, thanks.
I still cannot understand how having one’s member cut off doesn’t lead to death via bleeding-maybe he applied a tourniquet?

I read a NY Times article on this right after it happened. When Bobbit came into the emergency room, he was holding a towel against his crotch. When he took it away, the doctor realized the three blood vessels had somehow formed a massive blood clot, thus saving Bobbit’s life.

I doubt that any guy would volunteer for an experiment reenacting the crime to see if this was the standard response or just a fluke.

And in that movie the person who finds his wang on the side of the road is none other that Lemmy from Motorhead. Because, why not?