Bobbit the "Dickless" is back in the news.

OK, so he was only actually “dickless” for a while. Now he’s more of a FrankenPenis™.

But he is back in the news. Carson City, Nevada news that is.

Looks like he’s going to jail for up to 3 years. Seems he was part of a bunch that stole $140,000 of clothing from a Fallon, Nevada store, and being idiots, got caught.

His wife’s, Lorraine, sister is also making news. She too was unhappy with her husband and thought putting the “Bobbit Move” on him would fix things right up. But she was drunk and missed his penis and stabbed him in the leg. The police have charged her with a Mis-De-Weiner.

I enjoyed this news.


The world is truly a disturbing place.

This was all a set up for a really bad joke, wasn’t it?

Nope, the jail part is the real deal.

The lame ass joke about his SIL was just to bad to leave out