What happened to this thread?

Paco romano posted a bizarre thread in GQ called “Do all novels have chapters?” and a number of us were trying to figure out what he was getting at. But now it has vanished.

Is it a hamster thing, or did some moderator kill it. If the latter, why?

It was removed. Paco is a sock puppet. Our policy concerning sock puppets dictated the thread be removed.

Ah. I suspected as much. So he was trolling with a bizarre question to get earnest answers from unsuspecting Dopers like Exapno and myself who couldn’t believe anyone would ask such a stupid question.

One must not have much of a life to be wasting time with stupid games like that.

The problem is that a sock puppet can ask a reasonable question, or post a very interesting or thoughtful comment, and it’s gonna (usually) get deleted anyway.

The rule is, no socks. That means no socks. Whether the sock is posting something inherently trollish or profoundly moving or intellectually stimulating doesn’t matter. It’s gonna go.