What Happened to Will Farrell?

Now this might by the stupidest paragraph written in the history of journalism:

He might be humorous but he has never been the funniest comedic actor of any year. He’s a one trick pony who cant discern good scripts from bad. Corporate Hollywood has been trying to force him down our throats for years. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

His films are basically :poop: accept Old School.

Your thoughts, please.

He is funny, most of his movies aren’t. I guess some people can’t grasp separate those things in their minds. He has become a symbol of low grade comedy film, sort of like Bob Hope maybe. Sometimes it sorta works, I liked Land of the Lost, stupid and silly but still decent satire and fun.

Because you disagree with the author’s opinion? I think there may be a good argument to be made that Ferrell is the funniest comedic actor of the last 20 years (though more in the 2000s than the 2010s, probably). I don’t think that’s an out of line opinion at all.

Old School and Anchorman are great films. Elf, Talladega Nights and Blades of Glory were pretty good.

I don’t think I’ve seen a Will Ferrell movie since Anchorman 2 (meh), unless you count The Lego Movie.

From SNL his Harry Caray, James Lipton, and cheerleader Craig were very good.

“Blades of Glory” and “Talladega Nights” were funny. “Step Brothers” was ok. Not so much on the other stuff I’ve seen him in.

Agree though, he’s very hit and miss. I’ve been kinda interested in seeing a few of his movies as they come out—but when I hear a bad review, I stay away.

Yeah, Ferrell has some good films that are great on a re-watch (Elf, Anchorman, Talladega Nights) but I think the general public has caught on to the fact that he plays more or less the same idiot, screaming man-child character in every film he does.

Don’t forget his Alex Trebek, too!

I wonder if part of that is because that’s what sells. I really liked Ferrell in “The Campaign” where he played a different sort of character, but that film didn’t do as well as some of his more buffoonish roles.

Of course these days Ferrell seems to be far more active as a producer than as an actor (he’s an executive producer of “I love you, America”, “Drunk History”, “Succession”, and “Dead to Me” among others)

If Adam Sandler is a cheeseburger, Will Ferrell is a cheeseburger with a free small drink thrown in.

I find I like hime best when he’s not trying so hard to be funny. Everything Must Go and Stranger Than Fiction are by far his best movies.

Yeah, in the past it certainly was what sold, but it looks like the public may have decided that they just have had their fill of it. Ferrell has tried to branch out in the past; he got good reviews for Stranger than Fiction, and he was attached in the mid-2000s to an attempted film adaptation of A Confederacy of Dunces that is the closest that book has come to actually being made into a film. But he simply hasn’t been able to escape the formula.

Ferrell is probably credited as a producer on those shows because his production companies, Gary/Gloria Sanchez Productions, are behind those series. I would have to wonder if Ferrell actually has any kind of input at all into any of those programs. As it is, I think that Gary Sanchez is supposed to be coming to an end, due to Adam McKay (Ferrell’s partner) moving into more serious fare (McKay is heavily involved with Succession, from what I have heard).

I think the very same quality can make him either appealing or off-putting: He is completely fearless and shameless.

He is one of those performers who will do absolutely anything for a laugh, even - especially? - if it makes him look like an idiot.

When that kind of performance hits, it can be hilarious; when it misses, it’s cringeworthy. The line is fine and the sweet spot is small.

I agree. The thing about Ferrell is he is willing to completely immerse himself in his character in a way most actors will not. He’s the comedy equivalent of Daniel Day-Lewis or Gary Oldman.

He’s doing more exec-producing these days, including of Succession, HBO’s corporate dynasty palace-intrigue series, which is a pretty serious show: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Will_Ferrell_filmography#As_executive_producer

He’s on my list of Actors Whose Movies I Refuse To Watch Because He’s Embarrassingly Unfunny.

Like many skit comics, he doesn’t translate well to the big screen. Sandler, Ferrell, Akroyd, et al.

I won’t and you can’t make me.

Im the Will Farrell of spellers. :smirk_cat:

But the lid isn’t tight on the drink, and it spews all over you, and all the frat boys at the next table think it’s hilarious.

As soon as I saw the thread title I said “Can be funny, but mostly embarrassing …like Adam Sandler.”

I sadly agree. Along with those already mentioned his Sherlock Holmes spoof was absolutely horrible.