What happened to Worf's brother?

As you can tell from my nickname, I’m a huge Star Trek fan. Here’s a question that’s been bugging me since the end of Deep Space Nine. When the Klingon Empire invaded Cardassia, Worf kept his loyalties on the side of the Federation. As a result, Chancellor Gowron discommodated Worf’s house, the House of Mogh. Consequently, Worf receives a visit from his brother Kurn, who asks Worf to kill him to remove the dishonor he feels Worf has brought upon him. Worf tries to honor his brother’s request, but finds he cannot go through with it. In addition he is forbidden from killing his brother by Captain Sisko. So with Jadzia’s help, Worf arrives at a compromise. He arranges for Kurn to have his memory wiped and replaced with different memories and Kurn is sent to live with a family friend, no longer having memories of Worf and his original family.

So here’s my question: After General Martok welcomes Worf into his house, what of Kurn? Does he become a member of Martok’s house by extension? In addition, once Worf has killed Gowron and offered the Chancellorship to Martok, this gives Worf a high position within the Klingon Empire on his own. With his honor restored, does Worf have Kurn’s memories restored to him? Or would Kurn prefer not to live with the dishonor of Worf being unable to fulfill his request for an honorable death? Is it even possible to have Kurn’s memories returned to him?

If i remember rightly, pretty much the last thing Dr Bashir said before carrying out the procedure, was that it was non reversible.

I would guess that Kurn would be left in his new life.

I thought this was going to be about Nikolai. Kurn didn’t even occur to me until I opened the thread.

Although I have not read them and they are not canon, the IKS Gorkon books has Kurn-as-Rodek serving onboard the titular starship, which is the fate I’d prefer for him. Not only does it allow him to have his coveted honor, it also frees Worf from having to listen to his contant whining.

I suppose that answers my question. And I like Aesiron’s answer, too. Serving on a Klingon starship allows Kurn to keep his honor. I’m sure if Kurn did have his memories restored, he’d prefer to die at another Klingon’s hands than live with the knowledge his brother couldn’t fulfill an honorable request.