What happened with the chemical factory?

The one they captured on Saturday or Sunday. It was big (100 acres) and well hidden from the air. Electric fence, too.

There are a bunch of threads over on Great Debates and in the Pit that touch on this, though I won’t kill the hamsters with a search. Basically, we found nothing there - no chemical weapons, no facilities for making them, etc., etc. The plant seems to have been abandoned some years ago. Why it was well-hidden and fenced is a bit of a mystery.

The initial report that no weapons were found was actually based on a very cursory search of five (out of 100) bunkers on that site.

Granted, a more comprehensive search may turn up nothing. But doesn’t it stand to reason that any chem/bio weapons would be distributed closer to the front by now?

Damn, I only looked on this forum. Seemed like a question to me. The Pit???
Ok, forget about it. We got suckered. That’s understandable.