What happened with the "Ground Zero mosque?"

The ground zero mosque was all over the news a few months ago. Was there a resolution to this? I’m sure something happpened to get it off the front page, but I can’t remember what it was.

I think it got bullied for being gay, which is why the news switched to that topic every night for six hours.

But seriously folks…it’s underway (and not exactly a mosque).

The 2010 elections?

I think it was dieing down before then. Looking at some article aggregators, the peak time was around the last week of August (usually a pretty weak news time) with a small spike again in the week before 9/11.

After that the mainstream news seemed to get bored with the whole thing and moved on. The original agitators kept it up just enough to remind the base how the “evil, evil, democrats and their jihadist allies” needed to be defeated in the elections. After that even they seemed to drop the story.

Yeah, imagine that! It’s almost like the whole outrage was ginned up by Fox News to help the Republicans in the election…

Here’s the last thread from December.

I know, we seriously get too many threads on this.