What happens if Dick dies before election is over?

So Bush’s running mate isn’t exactly as healthy as an elephant, but what happens if he dies before the final votes are counted? Does W choose another V.P., or do we vote again, since they were running as a team? Are there people that would change their vote if W was running with someone else, say, Bob Saget? Wouldn’t they want to change their vote?

Wasn’t there a dead Senator elected too? (Dead Kennedy?) I hear his widow will take office. Perhaps this could be a government of ghosts!

Constitutionally, nothing happens. The electors haven’t voted yet, so nothing has really changed. Remember that when you vote for President, you’re not actually voting for a Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate. You’re voting for a ticket of electors who will vote for the next President and Vice-President.

If Cheney dies, then what will happen is that Bush will select a new running-mate, and the Republican electors will likely vote for that new running mate. If, by bizzarre chance, Bush wins the Presidency but no one gets a majority of electoral votes for Vice Presidency (possible if some electors truly dislike Bush’s new choice for VP), then the Senate chooses amongst the top three vote-getters. Each state has a single vote, and the first VP candidate to get 26 votes is selected as the new Vice-President. Thus, you could have the bizzarre situation of President Bush and Vice-President Lieberman.

Of course, given the recent State Supreme Court ruling, that’s even assuming Bush wins the election…

The electors cast two votes, one for president and one for vice president. That they are a team doesn’t matter technically.

If he died before the electoral votes are cast, I think the RNC would select a new VP candidate and basically “order” the Republican electors to follow the party and select him.

If it’s after, I supposed Dubya would select a new VP the same way Nixon selected Ford in 1974.

Actually, if the Senate selects the Vice-President under the terms of the Twelfth Amendment, then they do not vote as states, but individually. So 51 votes (out of 100) wins.

And the Senate only selects from the top two vote getters, not the top three.

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