What happens if NY were to go to Romney

Now, I know the chances of this are near zero, but what do you think would happen if Sandy causes enough problems to make the heavily democratic NYC area have enough depressed turnout to swing the state to Romney? With such a crazy result given everything we know about the state, do you think there would be major court challenges and investigations?

Yes I would expect a ton of litigation to ensue.

And Gov. Cuomo’s head would explode.

The odds are not near zero, they are zero. New York was hit hard by the storm, but it’s not like the entire five boroughs was leveled. And Staten Island is the Republican stronghold in the city. Anyway if it had happened I don’t know if anyone could do anything since there was no effort to postpone the voting in the week after the storm hit. 61 polling locations were moved and that was about it.

Not only Staten Island, but generally the people who live right on the beach in NY (southern shore of LI, Breezy Point, etc.) tend to vote Republican anyway.

The storm probably will push the state a few percentage points to the right. But New York overall is so solidly Blue, that the loss of a few percentage points won’t change the outcome.

Even in the Senate race, the Republicans have virtually conceded the victory to Gillibrand. She hasn’t even been bothering to run an ad campaign. The Democrats have locked up NY’s Senate seats since D’Amato got voted out. If you ever want to win a political trivia bet, ask a New Yorker to name one of the Republican candidates for Senator in the last twelve years. Rick Lazio (2000), Howard Mills (2004), John Spencer (2006), Jay Townsend (2010), Joseph DioGuardi (2010), and Wendy Long (2012)

I’d have gotten Lazio, since I voted in that election (for Hillary). That was a fun election in NY. I also voted in 2004 (via absentee), but I was going to vote for Schumer regardless of the Pubbie candidate, but I was in Germany the whole time so I never saw any campaign ads. I would not have come up with his challenger.

Well, no… It could happen… A large number of Democratic voters might get sick with the 'flu, or get mugged, or have to take care of an injured relative, or get called in to work on an emergency, or be delayed by traffic, or have a fight with their sweetums and change their vote. It isn’t mathematically impossible.

We reserve P=0 for events like someone discovering a new even prime number. Or Rush Limbaugh saying something wise and respectful…

You left out, “get hit by a cab in a crosswalk.”

In practice, cabs tend to be bipartisan in whom they run down in sidewalks…

(??? I hate to ask; did that actually happen to somebody? If so, I apologize for making light of an real incident.)

If NY went to Romney . . . then the Universe as we know it would cease to exist.