What happens if you "ignore" yourself?

What would happen if you put yourself on your ignore list? Existential angst demands an answer!

If you try to add yourself to your own ignore list, you get a page that says “Sorry, you can not add yourself to your own ignore list.”

Looks like you’ll just have to ignore yourself the old-fashioned way, by skipping over your posts. :wink:

Occasionally, after a late night in the Pit, I’m tempted to ban myself.

Rainer Maria Rilke

You can’t add yourself to your own Buddy List either. Other forms of self-love will have to suffice.

Does the Buddy list actually do anything? If so, what?

I just added you, and it’s supposed to show me that you’re online. I couldn’t see where it did, so, not having won the Lottery either, I’ve removed you. :smiley:

It seems to be used mostly for private messaging, which is, of course, disabled here.

It seems to provide a handy storage repository for those individuals you love enough to call your buddies, but not enough to bother remembering their IDs.

You go back in time.

Singing “I’m My Own Grampa”.

Shouldn’t you report your post to yourself? :confused:

Yep. You gotta watch that pesky space-time continuum. :slight_smile:

If you did ignore yourself would you then get banned for letting someone know that they were on your ignore list?

No, because you’d necessarily ignore that information.

I want to add myself to both my buddy list and my ignore list. Thus rendering myself one of those friends of old that you’re embarrassed to be seen in public with.

I did make a note to myself, but given that it read “bread, milk, eggs”, I was only confused.

Well, you grow warts and hair on your palms.

Keep that up, and you’ll go blind. :dubious:

It has the effect of “rEVERSING pOLARITY!”

Ah, but just exactly what does that entail?

In movies, something explodes.

In real life, absolutely nothing happens!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
True Blue Jack

Yes, click on Quick Links, Open Buddy list and behold the wonder of the Buddy List Window.
Ok, it is a little underwhelming.


If a Mod reports his own bad post to himself, and does nothing about it…

Did the bad post actually exist?

Well, a few things do happen. Instead of your hair standing on end, it will retract slightly into your skin. If you get scared frequently, you may experience “polarity pattern baldness” from all the retraction. Your car stereo will quit working, but the loud bompbompbompbomp will still rattle everybody else’s teeth.

Growly dogs will like you. When you walk through a store, some of the RFIDs will smoke or throw off sparks. Wearing a foil hat will cause everyone around you to read your thoughts, whether they want to or not. Although you are ignoring yourself, no one else will be able to ignore you.

Oh, and you really, really should stay indoors during thunderstorms. :eek: