"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"

Is this just code for “patronize our prostitutes”?

It’s supposed to be a marketing tool for people who want to escape away from their mundane lives. Basically the idea is that you can go to Vegas and behave recklessly and irresponsibly, and not have to be accountable to anyone for it. Isn’t that appealing?

It sounds like a really bad excuse to do irresponsible things to me.

“… hopefully, along with all of your money”. :wink:

I think what it means is debauch too badly, and you never go farther than the desert around Vegas. He just disappeared. OK lady.

I’d be all for it if only the infections contracted in Vegas stayed in Vegas, too.

**Is this just code for “patronize our prostitutes”? **
This seems unlikely, as there are no legal prostitutes in Vegas. They’re mostly in Pahrump.

I always took it to mean bring your money & spend it behaving like an idiot.
You’ll never see any of these people again.

Well it certainly held true for OJ.

Have you ever seen the commercials for Vegas that use that tagline?

It’s about going to “sin city” and doing all sorts of crazy stuff you would never do at home (riding around in a limo while hanging out of the sunroof, getting married by Elvis, etc) with the “assurance” that no one back home is going to find out what a crazy-fun freak you are.

Nothing to do with prostitutes. More like soccer moms and businessmen.

Sounds like one of the better ones to me.

Didn’t David Hasselhoff’s drunken slobfest caught on video happen in Vegas? That sure as heck didn’t stay in Vegas.

Anecdote != data.

Sounds like a pretty crappy place to make a hole in one.

Yeah, except that they’re still crawling all over Vegas.

Not only is it a lame tag-line, but I can vouch that it’s a very untrue statement. I went with my buddies to Vegas for a bachelor party weekend. Long-story-short I got thrown out of a club (I still say I didn’t do anything wrong, but that’s another story.) For one reason or another I ended up flying home alone and my dad picked me up at the airport. Now keep in mind I had not called home during the entire trip. I open the car door and before I can even buckle up, my dad says, “so what’s this I hear about you getting thrown out of a club?” WTF?!!

Turns out my friends thought it was so funny that I, Joey Tightlips of all people, got thrown out of a club that they called home while we were still out there and told everyone. One of their dad’s happens to play golf with my dad, and there you have it.

Looking back on it, it’s a pretty funny story but damn was I pissed when it happened. Good thing I didn’t kill a hooker or rob a casino out there.

So what’s the origin of this saying?

The origin is: “We’re all going to the strip club. I won’t tell your wife what happened there, you won’t tell my wife what happened there. In fact, let’s not talk about what happened there, period, because if we talk about it that increases the chances that the wrong person will find out what happened and pass that information along to our wives.”

It’s what a group of friends tell each other when the engage in misbehavior and don’t want any negative consequences for that behavior.

One what?

Or to get a heart transplant.