What happens to Cadillacs (slightly morbid)

So I notice many very elderly people in shiny new big Cadillacs.
Not to be overly morbid, but it is likely the last car they’ll ever buy. (the people look verrrry elderly) So these cars will be, say, deprived of their owner fairly soon. The target market for these boats would appear to be other well-off elderly people, but they seem to buy them brand spanking new, and therefore I’d expect that these very slightly used luxury tanks would not end up there. So where do they go?
I don’t see used car dealer’s parking lots full of them, so someone is buying them, somewhere. Where?

It’s entirely possible that the cars are left to their heirs.

Off the top of my head I’d have to say the car is part of the deceased’s estate and would therefore probably go to an heir. Since an 80+ year-old’s children would likely be 50+ themselves, at a casual glance you might be inclined to consider the new driver as another old person and not realize a change had actually occurred in favor of a younger driver.


I own a cadillac (plus four other cars, but that’s beside the point). I’m only 37 so hopefully I won’t be deprived of my car any time soon. I bought mine off of a used car dealer. It hadn’t sat on the lot for very long. There was another one for sale down the road from me about a month ago. They aren’t on every street corner, but they are out there.