What happens to you when you die?

No, this isn’t another one of those heaven/hell debates so religious nuts back off now.

What I mean is, What happens to you as a doper after you die?
Not meaning to be morbid on this one, but if a doper dies in the real world it is reported on here.
Like has this ever happened before.
Just curious… :confused:


That thread is stickied at the top of this forum.

Check out the In Memoriam sticky thread.

Thanks guys, really helped answer my question there.
Can’t believe I didn’t check that and now it just seems like I spammed for no reason but I literally go around with my eyes shut…

But say if you’re kind of a lone ranger, like nobody on here knows you outside of the website - how would something like that get reported?
Is there some sort of admin who scours local news and matches obituaries against member details?

Then you would be just one more person who didn’t post any more.

Gotcha. Boy I’d hate to be that guy…

I’ve left instructions in my will for the kids to come here and announce my departure from the mortal and intraweb coils.


It’s possible I’d be one of those. Only one person I know used to post here, and I’ve lost touch with them. They may log in and update you guys if they were to find out if I died, but there’s an equal chance they wouldn’t, if they even found out about it in a timely fashion.

I imagine that’s not an uncommon situation; many people don’t share with friends and family where they visit online.

My ex-wife knew I post here. My girlfriend doesn’t pay attention to what I do on my own. When I croak you just won’t see me post any more. Probably.

Mine did too, and probably guesses that I still do. I’m sure that she’d hear if I croaked. We are on civil terms, and do communicate occasionally on matters that we both have an interest in–perhaps I should tell her to log in and let the SDMB know.

I do know a few Dopers IRL. Perhaps I ought to let my next-of-kin and/or ex-wife know about them, so if I do go, some word will get back to the SDMB somehow.

I know some of you IRL, and others on Facebook. If my SO didn’t think to come here and post, I think word would still trickle through. Then you can all sit around and think “Who?” :smiley:

When I shuffle off this mortal coil*, nobody here will notice.

And I sure hope that nobody I know comes here to notify you—because that means they would know my username, and I’ve never told my username to anybody.
(Internet privacy concerns and all that stuff, ya know…So far, I’ve managed to type a couple thousand posts and never done anything to embarrass/incriminate myself. But who knows what stupidity lurks ahead? :slight_smile: )

*rest in peace,bereft of life,push up the daisies, joined the choir invisible,run down the curtain, 6 feet under, etc,etc,etc [/monty python]

My sister, who is executrix of my will, has instructions on how to come here and say I’ve died.

Nah, you’d be in the papers: “Retired centenarian police officer dies chasing kids off lawn.”


I has a notice tattooed on my shoulder asking whomever fnds my remains to alert the Dope (amongst other sites). That way you can all say “You read about that guy in the news? The one who died in a spectacular, visible and embarassing way? Yeah, we knew him then. Why didn’t anyone recognize the signs when there was still time to help???”

Woke this morning feeling kinda logy. Just a potential heads-up.

I know no other dopers irl so I’d probably just drop out.
Not that any of you would…miss…me…{sniff}

I’d just stop posting, but there’s one doper I know who would know of my death, and the news would eventually appear in Locus, so someone here might make the connection.

I was just thinking about this the other day. Nobody here knows me and nobody in my real life knows I post here (I mean they’ve heard me mention it but have no idea how much I lurk [a lot]), but if I were to die and one of my friends came here and posted on my behalf, people would express condolences and say nice things. No grieving, but who doesn’t want to think that people would notice that you passed? I like it when I have no idea who the doper is but it’s still a couple of pages of condolences.

Possible. My grandmother was 104. On both sides of my family they tend to either die young or last forever.