If you die, will we know it?

Every time I hear of a tragedy, I wonder if you are all safe. However, I don’t know where all of you are, and to be honest, I don’t always notice when you don’t post for a while. Sorry!

I, for one, have no procedures in place to notify you guys if anything should happen to me.


I have it outlined in my will that as one of my last wishes, someone goes through my favorites folder and let any forums in said folder know of my death. That way the folks there who care know.

I expect you’d know. You’ll see it on the news.


If I’m going out, I’m taking every one of you fuckers with me!

Just kidding, you guys are all right.

There are a few here that know my real name and should my demise come in a manner spectacular enough to make the national press, then “maybe.”

Otherwise… no.

If we’re still alive, right? :wink:

Me? not a chance, unless someone was able to put two and two together. But it would have to make the news for that to happen.

There are some who know me on other boards who may miss me after the first few days. They know my real name and address, and may track down what had happened. But the chances that anyone on the SDMB would even know something was wrong aren’t all that high.

Wow! I didn’t know you cared. From now on, my last words are going to be “And let the Dopers know I pit them all!” :smiley:

If the phone doesn’t ring, it’s me.

Well, my teenage daughter is a member, so I’m guessing she’d get around to mentioning it eventually. Also, my hubby is an “honorary Doper” (he registered before we went to pay, and posted maybe twice; but he attends dopefests with me pretty regularly, so the MAD’s have labeled him an honorary Doper") and I suppose that if EtherealFreakOfPinkness didn’t start a thread about it, it would probably occur to him to pop in and let y’all know.

A couple of you guys know me now, so I think if I managed to make the local news somehow, it would get back to the Dope.

My wife might actually post something. We have met a bunch of dopers IRL now.

That and the general reduction of bandwidth usage might be noticed. :wink:


Probably not.

My wife would certainly pop in any let you all know.

Unless, of course, things work out according to plans and she’ll be gone as well.

I’m already dead…

Probably not. Honestly, why would you care?

We wouldn’t.

But we’d pretend to because grief is way cool.


Mr.stretch doesn’t understand this whole Doper thing and would never think to let y’all know. I don’t post enough that I’d be missed and I’m certainly hoping to die in a less than newsworthy fashion. So you’d never hear about it, though if someone wanted to figure it out they probably could.

Aww Anaamika, I think you’re cool. If something happened to you I’d be a little sad. Once. For 20 minutes. :stuck_out_tongue: