what have Israel done, anything that creating havoc ?

seams to me that Israel, since it’s creation, have done nothing but creating havoc, war, massacres, refugees, desperation, terrorists, bloodbath, regional tension, hate, traumas etc…
I feel it’s time to conclude that the creation of Israel was the worst mistake made in the 20th century

Damn Jews.

Or not, if you happen to be a rational human being. From my vantage point, most of the problems have been caused by the Arab populations and governments.

You do understand that the Israelis didn’t start this fight, right?

Sorry, that was snarky and maybe inappropriate.

Certainly the creation of Israel hurt some feelings and exacerbated other problems inherent in establish borders that are more convenient to colonialism than tradition; and I’ve often heard Israel parallelled to a scenario in which maybe the Duwamish tribe decided to “return” to Seattle and not ask the opinions of the current residents of the area. Fair’s fair. I’m sure the situations are not, in fact, parallel, but I’d be interested in hearing the specific differences.

Well, they have a very high literacy rate. Words spelled correctly and everything.

your kidding

His/her what is kidding?

G-d, I love posting here…

Either that or you’re ill-informed. One or the other.

some have claimed that Hezbollah are hiding among civilians and that H is shooting at their own people, but the fact is that they don’t have to do that. Hezbollah can just sit down and wait for Israel to do something outrageous (as usual)

If someone can supply with one positive accomplishment for Israel over the last 58 years, will that satisfy that your resolution is mistaken, and this Great Debate can come to a thunderous end?

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Aw, the question has merit even if it is framed a bit inflamatorarily. Why not debate Israel’s right to exist?

We’re not debating Israel’s right to exist, but rather whether

…or possibly

Since the Holocaust directly lead to the creation of Israel - and also killed millions of people and destroyed tons of property - doesn’t that automatically mean the Holocaust was a worse mistake?

Oh. Well of course it’s not. That honor goes to spring/summer professional football.

Because how do you debate an existing country’s “right to exist”? A country has the right to exist because it’s there, because its citizens are there and because it’s able to defend itself from people who want to wipe it out. That’s true of Israel, it’s true of Morrocco, it’s true of the US, it’s true of every country. But nobody ever asks if Morrocco or the US have the “right to exist”. That question is pretty much only asked of Israel.

And lets say the rest of the world decides, “No, Israel doesn’t have the right to exist as a nation.” Do you think the Israelis are going to say, “Sorry. We’ll just leave, or agree to be annexed by our neighbors”? The only way to make Israel stop existing is to take it over. That’s been tried, remember, numerous times. Thankfully, its neighbors failed each time.

Not even close. The worst mistake of the 20th Century was Ditka giving up so many picks to move up and take Ricky “Ganja” Williams. The second worst was Boston trading the Bambino to the Yankees.