What have the U.S. ever done for us ...

While I agree with brainfizz that our dear Admin has perhaps misrepresented several inventions as being American, just off the top of my head I’ll spout…

A seriously interesting written constitution.

A market for other countries to sell their goods.

Inward investment and therefore jobs in smaller countries.

The moon landings. Space exploration.

The Marshall Plan, not to mention saving Europe’s asses in two World Wars.

The Moon landings. The Viking landings. Hubble. Space exploration in general.

The second-most prolific movie industry in the world, but in my language, and with an astonishing distribution network. And some of the best movies ever made.

Jazz. Bluegrass. Rock’n’roll. Hip-hop. The seeds of the dance music revolution.

Aaron Copeland, Samuel Barber.

Nike, Reebok, the Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch.

Friends, Seinfeld, Six Feet Under, the Sopranos.

Don deLillo, Garrison Keiler, Jonathan Frantzen, William Least-Heat Moon, Herman Melville, Edgar Allen Poe.

The turkey. Popcorn. The hamburger. The hot-dog. The cheeseburger. Coke. Tex-mex food.

And so on…

The TV invented by a Scotsman? BAH HUMBUG! The Mechanical TV was invented by a Scotsman. The REAL TV was invented by an American! Philo T. Farnswoth.

I don’t understand why so many people think an American invented the car. Ford invented the Assembly Line people, not the automoblie!

We invented the microwave oven too. At Raytheon, one of the biggest defence contractors in the word. Who say no good comes from war?

The U.S. has provided us with Jerry’s Lewis, Springer and Falwell.
An entertainer, a comic and an idiot in some order.

What more can a nation give?

Yeah, but that’s a website on Indonesian (Javanese) dance and music, which apparently borrows some of its story characters from India. That’s what came up on a Google search for “Panji Kidul”.

Okay, besides the aquaduct… and the Saturday fights at the Coliseum… and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope… what have they given us?

The comfy chair? :eek:

True, but Henry Ford’s invention of techniques of mass production of automobiles are what made them more than just a novelty toy for the wealthy.

Well, yeah, but he was a Scottish immigrant to America.


BTW…Did you pay US for that aquaduct…?

How can this thread not be locked yet?

Boy Bands

OK, sorry about that one. Really sorry.

We’ll start with your grammar, it should read:

“What has the U.S. ever done for us …”

Is that enough or do you need more from us?

‘People called Romanes they go the house’?

Now, write it out a hundred times. If it’s not done by sunrise, I’ll cut your balls off.

Are there any women here today?

Oh! It’s the meek who shall inherit the earth! Not the Russians or Chinese or Americans. Isn’t that nice? The meek have a helluva time!

Don’t forget the Internet!

Oh yeah…with the Internet came the SDMB too! Rejoice!


As I noted earlier, Panji is using British grammer. The “US” is considered plural, or as our limey friends would say, the US are considered plural.

Where did they learn to speak English, anyway…?

Guys like the Op are the kind of people that gives America’s critics such a bad name :slight_smile:
On behalf of the “Anti Evil Imperialist League” you panji are expelled, leave the flag an the matches on your way out. No more burning Satan’s flag for you mister.
P.S. Jjim I always though the name was Copland, Aaron Copland

The US has donated, both privately and publicly, more to the downtrodden of the world than any other country or collective of countries on this planet. We’ve saved Europe from invasion not once, but twice, and then rebuilt her. We’ve destroyed Japan to end world war two, which we were dragged into by acts of terror similar to the 9/11 attacks, and rebuilt her as well, to watch her become a techological superpower. We’ve helped defeat communism, nazism, evil dictatorships, and totalitarian regimes.
We’ve lead the world in, defense, medical technology and applications, industry and commerce, fashion, entertainment and education, all the while allowing persons from across this great globe to learn, work, and play right here along side of us. Meanwhile, enduring ceaseless, verbal, physical, general and personal attacks about how corrupt and how base we are as a culture, all of this because we believe in freedom of speech.

Did I mention that all of this has occurred in LESS than 400 years??? (The middle east has had it’s culture FAR longer, yet is criminally less developed, and for the most part, still operates as if it were the 8th century)

We are not without our problems, racism, sexism, classism, political corruption etc. but I’ll tell you this my friend, I would have rather spent my 31 years NO WHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD, but The United States of America.

I am damn proud to be an American, I hope you can be as equally as proud of where you’ve come from, and your history, though I damn well doubt it.


No one is to rant at ANYONE, until I blow this whistle! Even, (and I want to make this absolutely clear), even if they DO say “American arrogance”.

Yes, but what have they done for us lately

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