What I learned from the way people react to the Coronavirus quarantine

All life is sacred and must not be harmed – at least until it leaves the womb. Then it’s a cost-benefit analysis.

Jesus died to save your soul. Americans will die to save your 401(k).

It’s an Easter miracle!

Has anyone posting in that thread said that, though?

(It’s a rhetorical question; the answer is no, and Babale’s just making shit up.)

I learned that small acts of kindness are rampant.

My store had Ass-Wipe for sale!

$10.49 for a six-pack!

Jesus Christ, is it made of gold?

I thought Easter was cancelled this year. Finally, he stays dead, right?

No, no, trump has taken his place and he’s going to rise on Easter “rarin’ to go!” and bring the whole danged economy along with him!

Of course it’s a cost-benefit analysis. Everything always is. Some of those costs are measured in human lives, too.

How many people are you willing to kill to contain the virus?

Homer [holding shotgun]: He had a virus?

Governor Cuomo asked for recently retired medical people to volunteer. That day, he got forty thousand responses. We are all pretty smart monkeys, but some of us are human.

Illinois (IIRC) is granting temporary extensions to recently expired medical licenses.

That was a nice thing to see. On the other side of the coin, someone at our laboratory helped themselves to a few cases of PPE. I guess I’m naive but that shocks me.

People have been stealing masks, hand sanitizer and gloves from exam rooms in hospitals here. They’re now under lock and key.

Not in South Korea. The celebrations for Easter and Buddha’s Birthday will be a month later. The article doesn’t mention this part: no doubt that’s an optimistic view; personally, I think those will be delayed even longer.