What If? 2

The SDMB has been name checked- page 166.

On that page, Randall Munroe in his hugely entertaining book “What If? 2” mentions the SDMB -

“What is the density of cocaine? I spent a while reading though a wonderfully earnest and citation-filled discussion of this question on the Straight Dope Message Board where several people tried to get to the bottom of this question…”

That might bring in a reader or two.

Oh, and buy the book. :grinning:

I think this is the thread:

There’s also this:

Good searching there! :+1:


IIRC he registered here as XKCD but was banned. Does that scan?

Small chuckle at the poster in that cocaine volume thread who said

Pun presumably not intended.

There is a user named xkcd that appears to have been quickly banned. In the few minutes I looked, I didn’t see an ATMB thread mentioning a reason. But then trying to search this board for mentions of a user named xkcd brings up a lot of erroneous results.

Eh it’s probably for the best. We don’t want any troublemakers like Randall Munroe around here.

Quick bans suggest that it was a spammer. I could see someone borrowing the name for cred. I could also see it being a set of random four letters tried by a bot.

I doubt it was Randal Munroe himself. He’s too computer literate to have done something that would make him look like a spammer.

I had just finished the book and popped in to say, “Hey! The SDMB has some serious street cred now!” but I see that I’d been ninja’d by 106 days.

I need to read faster. :woozy_face:

Elsewhere in that book he alludes to a message board thread about how much blood a human can drink without puking, but doesn’t mention which board. I think that might have been us, too.