What if all professed Muslims disappeared?

At 12 midnight Greenwich Mean Time on January 2nd all those who profess to be Muslim disappear from the face of the Earth, never to be seen again. Qiyāmah, aliens or something else entirely-we will never know.
What changes socially, politically, and/or economically?

There were those in the previous thread(What if all professed Christians disappeared?) that claim that many others would abandon their faith and become Christian because it would be evidence that God took them to Heaven. Do these same posters, or anyone else, believe that same results would hold true for this situation?

Is it a Rapture? :smiley:

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The crazy conservative Christians rejoice because the almighty and vengeful lord has wiped the enemy from the face of the earth and they triple down on the crazy.

Can you imagine the scene Sunday at the Southern Baptist churches? “He took who to Heaven??” You would be able to hear those heads exploding all the up in Manitoba. :smiley:

There’s a general upsurge in religious belief, with each religion interpreting what happened in their favor. Christians, Hindus and Jews widely express the belief this proves the superiority of their religion, because god(s) destroyed the Evil Muslims. Christians will also probably announce that the believers in other religions like Hinduism should convert immediate or God will smite them too. There’s probably an upsurge in religious violence, both because of an increase in religiosity and because what happened will be taken by many as divine approval for destroying those who don’t believe in the True Faith, since that’s what God(s) did.

No, because as far as I know there’s no prediction of a Muslim Rapture.


I can definitely see the BJP and other extremist Hindu groups saying that the evil Muslims had been wiped from the face of the Earth. They’d be so thrilled we could have Jammu-Kashmir scot-free. And to tell the truth, I bet a lot of Hindus would be secretly happy, if only to end the fighting, and also because the killings at the Partition are still in our heads…our grandparents and sometimes even parents remember. Of course, both sides killed.

Of course Hindus who had married Muslims would be pretty freaking upset I’m sure!

There’s suddenly gonna be a LOT of prime real estate in Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Africa free for the taking.

Fair enough, I’d look in to it further and consider converting to Islam if I was convinced.

As I did in the other thread, I’m going to ignore the theological issues and focus on the strategic ones.

There wouldn’t be the disappearance of any great powers as there would be with a Christian disappearance. The most powerful Muslim countries are essentially regional powers.

But there would be the 800 lb gorilla of oil. If all Muslims disappeared, there would be a large amount of oil rich territory that was virtually unoccupied. So there would be a huge rush as various powers tried to be the first to occupy the oil regions. A major war would be a likely result.

The United States would have a major advantage: while we’re the farthest from the Middle East geographically, we already have troops stationed there.

How do Israeli politics change, and how far will their borders expand?

You could shudder the Dept of HS, and drastically reduce the size of our military. Not to mention, no more military aid to Israel.

Not true. NK, Russia, and China will remain completely intact.

ETA: I presume you meant ‘shutter’.

Yes, I meant shutter. :D. I forgot about North Korea still being a thorn in our side.

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Yes, especially if it is proven that there were prophecies in Islam that said that all followers of Mohammed would be taken away corporeally.

At first glance it appears that there are more than a few similarities between the events described here, and those surrounding the Rapture in Christian ideology. I suppose that shouldn’t come as a complete surprise, given that they are both Abrahamic religions.

I imagine that people who were familiar with the idea would believe that Yawm al-Qiyāmah had indeed come, just as their ‘Christian counterparts’ did in the other thread. I’d guess that the Muslim concept is much less well known in ‘secular’ circles than the Christian one, and since all of the ‘true believers’ will be long gone, there won’t be as many people left to discuss the idea (though this may be my cultural bias showing).

Actually, I think that this would really throw Christians for a loop. Similar to the earlier discussion, 1.5 billion adherents of a single faith up and disappear. It still sounds a lot like “The Rapture”, except for that one minor detail…you know, the one where all the Christians get left behind, and the Muslims are taken. After all, it is the same god…

You’d hear the sound of bulldozers all over Jerusalem.