What (if anything) would you pay higher taxes for?

It’s a simple enough question. Is there anything, anything at all, that you’d be willing to pay a higher tax rate to get? How much more?

But first, a few ground rules to get some of the smartass answers out of the way. :slight_smile:

It can’t be something that benefits you and only you specifically, or in any other way adds directly to your net worth. For the purposes of this question, assume that the given program will mean more of your money goes to taxation, period.

However, indirect benefits are fine. For example, universal health care might not put dollars in your pocket directly, but could save you money because you don’t have to pay an HMO any more.

And no getting cute with negative numbers. "Oh, I’ll take a tax raise of negative one hundred percent. " Har har har. No.

And while I am a big gig science fiction fan, let’s keep our answers to things which are plausible given current technology levels. So no saying “I’ll pay a nickel more in taxes if they install a teleport booth in my bathroom”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, feel free to suggest areas of current research you’d fund.

So. What would be worth it to you? anything? Is the idea of a tax hike just too horrible to contemplate for any reason at all? Why?

I look forward to your answers!

Will you not be satisfied until every thread on the main page is your own?

LOL. Not my intention. :slight_smile:

Besides, you love Eris, and I’m just spreading some of my own brand of chaos.

I’m just extremely happy to have found such a fabulous collection of interesting people having interesting conversations.

Makes me wish I had found this place years ago.

Smaller class sizes with the opportunity for more 1:1 interaction between the teacher and students. This is a direct benefit, since I have two kids in the local schools. I also already pay this tax through donations to our district to keep class sizes down.

Higher overall taxes to pay for tax credits for the implementation of solar panels on any rooftop. Assuming we need to higher taxes to offset the credits, I will take it. I will also personally benefit since I would use the credits to up solar on my house. However, I am unwiling to do it right now because the payoff is too far into the future at this time (ROI of > 15 years last time I checked - way too long for a technology invesmentment).

Having a public transport system like Germany and Austria would be a start.

I’m willing to pay higher taxes for several things:

  1. to make state colleges free for all state residents.
  2. to achieve universal health care.
  3. to adequately fund art to a level competitive with other first-world nations.
  4. to have an extensive system of trains and other forms of public transportation, and a much diminished reliance on highways and roads.
  1. Keep illegals out
  2. Send illegals back and prosecute those who employed them
  3. Fund more Charter Schools in the inner cities
  4. Care programs for the elderly with low incomes, 75+
  5. Significantly fund research for the three diseases that kill the most people

The only thing I would willingly pay higher taxes for are more cops with better Compstat software in urban areas.

I would pay higher taxes if that was what was necessary to reduce the size of the federal government.

You should run for office on that platform.

In order:

  1. Public transportation
  2. Replacing current welfare mishmash with a negative income tax scheme
  3. Implementing mandatory health savings plans with government subsidy in case of income issues, augmented by heavily-regulated catastrophe insurance

Possibly something with post-secondary education but I’m not sure what, personally, I’d have to hear some ideas.

I would pay higher taxes if it would get me a truly fiscally disciplined government, with a commitment to end wasteful and unnecessary spending, to balance the budget except in years of extreme need, and to pay down the national debt.

That may not be what you meant, though. In that case…

In the spirit of the current stimulus package, I would pay higher taxes for projects that will have long lasting, measurable improvements in the efficiency of our economy. (Someone posted a link here recently to an article about rail infrastructure and choke points. I wouldn’t expand highways to keep truckers employed if a nearby rail line could do the same job better. Highways are typically publicly funded, and rails privately, but let’s get creative.)

If we can get started on either of those approaches, then we can make the right choices on specifics.

Drugs. I’d pay a really, really high price for them if i could buy psychoactive and/or anabolic drugs legally.

I’d be willing to pay more for my carry permit than I do now. Although if I’m gonna pay more, I want a laminated photo ID, not just the flimsy scrap of paper NH issues now.

Typical liberal stuff. Universal health care, cheap college tuition, stem cell research

Universal Health Care
Public transportation
Arts and Science funding

Weekly “visits” to my home from the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. And in keeping with the OP’s requirements…I would share…mostly.

Really. This is what would convince me to pay higher taxes.


Universal Health Care
Decent funding of advanced research in a number of subjects. We’ve been eating our seed corn long enough.

In California, more taxes to pay for an extra period a day in junior high and high school.

I like the previously expressed idea of free or very inexpensive state schools for in-state students.

Some more funding for NASA, but only to build an inexpensive way of reaching orbit, possibly through prizes and guarantees of buying launch vehicles from private companies. No Mars boondoggles. I’d love to go to Mars, but we need to get the basics right first.

Hmmm. I’m surprised and pleased that the libertarians haven’t gone ballistic in this thread yet.

The idea of raising taxes for any reason is treated as such a horrible taboo in politics, I really expected there to be more of an outcry.

Do you suppose politicians have any idea that there are such things? Things people would actually pay a little more for?

Myself, the transportation upgrades definitely rate. I can’t imagine how much the European Union’s economy and ecology benefit from their extensive rail systems. And the most important part is there’s no stigma attached to using public transit… none of this “buses are for poor people” crapola.

Universal health care, well, I’m Canadian, nuff said.

erislover, I’d like to hear more about this negative income tax idea. I’m all for replacing welfare with something more rational.

I agree with Voyager. Mars? No. I want a NASA focused on making us a space-using species. Not just going up there in super expensive missions, actually making money from space. This could have enormous benefits.

I would be willing to pay substantially higher taxes if it would

  1. Insure total transparency in government

  2. Guarantee massive and immediate and unbelievably punitive penalties (to the point of being crimes against humanity)for any and all malfeasance in office

  3. Bring about the total abandonment on the “War on Drugs”

  4. Give us effective immigration policy coupled with airtight-when-necessary borders

I would also like a pony.

  1. new schools
  2. new roads and bridges
  3. universal health care
  4. green technology
  5. endless war in Iraq

OK, I threw the last one in there just to see if anyone read the entire list. :stuck_out_tongue: