What if carbon tube is commercialized

What would happen if carbon tube can be economically produced?

Would it replace steal as the principle material for the cables of suspension bridges?

Would it be used as armor for military use? Is it less penetrable than depleted uranium armor?

What about bullet-proof vests and ballistic shield, would it be so strong that it can protect against large-calibre bullets such as machine-gun fire from M60, or a sniper rifle round?

If you’re talking about carbon nanotubes, they’re already outdated. The new magic material is graphene. You can make it yourself using some scotch tape and charcoal.

I doubt it would replace steel in suspension bridges or other critical applications, or be used as armor of ammunition either. These structures provide tremendous tensile strength, but not great compressive strength or impact resistance. For armor you’d want something more elastic like kevlar that can absorb and redirect an impact, and for ammunition you’d want something heavier and denser.

I’m guessing you meant carbon nanotubes.


You mean graphite.


nm. oh look, shiny!

Yes. Being facetious there.