What if Cloud had been a girl? (FF7 & AC spoilers)

This is kind of a crazy thought that popped into my head recently, and I just found it interesting. It seems to me that, if Cloud had been a (lesbian or bi) female, nothing in the story would have to change (the Wall Market scenario goes from being funny because he cross-dresses, to being funny because she’s so macho and tough, yet she cleans up to be the prettiest of the girls), some things almost make more sense (Tifa’s reluctance about a relationship now being an uncertainty about her sexuality, Aeris’ weirdly distant interest in Cloud, the dating Barret option at Golden Saucer), and other things take on different but interesting meanings (Sephiroth’s, Hojo’s, and Shinra’s dismissal of Cloud, the scene were Cloud talks to Hojo on the beach while he’s surrounded by women trying to find out where she fits in, the whole indentity crisis, The efforts on Sephiroth’s part to dominate Cloud’s will).

Your thoughts?

PS. I think I’ve just hit upon yet another fanfic I can start and then abandon without ever showing anyone, lol

I think that FF7 and AC would have been more interesting to me with a female Cloud. I never managed to date Barret, by the way.

I hated Yuffie. I wish she’d been something, anything, else.

I would have enjoyed it significantly less. :slight_smile:

But if Cloud were a girl then there’d be no market for hot yaoi dojinshi. :stuck_out_tongue:

(My own fun AU mental exercise is to switch Cloud and Sephiroth - i.e., Cloud became the megalomanic psycho and Sephy the reluctant hero with sanity issues. The thought of Sephiroth in a dress alone is worth the price of admission. :D)