What If...? (Disney+ Series) [Open Spoilers After First Post]

My half-assed theory: the Watcher thought Zola would be more “human” in his response and easier to distract with Killmonger than Infinitron. I’m curious what Zola and Killmonger would do with the Gems, since neither one are omnicidal maniacs.

Also known in my circle as Calamari Supreme.

Ah-- I missed that was the…heheh–ENDGAME.

LOL “Not you Stark!”

Which makes sense though. Stark would probably be just as likely to screw things up the way he did in creating Ultron in the first place.

That’s the one thing still nagging on me, though: the plan didn’t make a whole lot of sense when hatched by the Natasha and Clint of Ultron’s home universe—uploading Zola’s mind to Ultron just instills a different maniac at the top of a galaxy-destroying army, how’s that any better? Was the idea that maybe he just wants to conquer rather than eliminate, and thus, would be the lesser of two evils? Although, it’s kind of a testament to the threat posed by Ultron that you’d consider a near-omnipotent Nazi to be a better option…

I’ve always said Stark is a horrible leader for the Avengers…he had two moves,

Fuck things up.
Sacrifice himself.

I think that’s the idea. Armin Zola may want to rule humanity, but at least he wants there to be a humanity. Plenty of time during his thousand year reich to figure out how to beat him, once he’s taken the omnicidal robot out of the picture.

Heck, I don’t even see MCU Zola as being that fervent a Nazi. Though a maniacal evil scientist running things would be horrible in its own way (though interesting-I’d love to see him interact with the greater universe.) What I don’t get was why he was able to beat Ultron. Was he that much better a program?

It’s the “human beats machine” trope. Because Zola was a human transferred to a machine, he was innately more adaptable than some program. Note that Ultron had multiple “What!” exclamations, indicating his increasing failure to adapt to the situation.

That’s the downside of omniscience-so many possible actions it must be hard to choose. I like that the “official word” is that Ultron could only use his stones to their full power in his universe and otherwise only had brute-force blasts.

I hadnt heard that. I like it in the sense that it falls in line with comics lore…and excuses why Loki didnt just pocket a handful and hope for the best in the TVA…

…dont like it in that,…ehhh im nitpicking…

I liked the last episode, and the series as a whole.
One thing that seemed to be left hanging… didn’t zombie Thanos show up with all the infinity stones in the zombie world? And then nothing ever came of it?

Not all of them. Spider-Man and the other survivors still had the stone they took from Vision.

Stark didn’t lead them. He just payed for everything, designed everything, and make everyone look cooler.

Much like running Stark Enterprise, his role with the Avengers is mostly brilliant tech R&D and brilliant marketing backed by a lot of financing. But I really can’t recall Stark ever being much of a “leader” in the Avengers. He demonstrates a willingness for self sacrifice and dedication to the job. But he’s a very unstable and divisive presence from day 1, through the events of Age of Ultron (which he caused), culminating in Civil War.

But the stones ARE destroyable, Gamora did it in her universe.

I just find it hard to believe that the Zola AI could take over the Ultron/Vision AI. Ultron/Vision was superior to something made with decades-old technology.

Zola wasn’t made with decades old technology, just the hardware was. The human mind is much older and has had far longer to learn to be adaptable and capable.

Zola was made with multimillion-year-old technology implemented by unskilled labor.

The Watcher has an infinite number of realities to chose heroes from and he picks the weakest ground-level ones?

The least heroic version of Thor?

The good and evil version of Black Panther.

Black Widow: The Weakest Avenger (non-powered)

Gamora out of Nowhere.

Captain Britain should have at least gotten to wield Mjölnir.

Cthulhu Doctor Strange was the only one who made sense.

The Watcher has seen 14 million, six hundred and five realities, and this team is the one that succeeds.*

We’ve already seen that Captain Marvel at full power is just a speed bump to Infinitron. Supreme Strange is pretty much the only character in the multiverse who can go toe-to-toe with Infinitron; the rest of the team are more or less just distractions. The fact that they are so weak and insignificant but also so difficult to kill (due to Supreme Strange’s spells) probably wrong-foots Infinitron more than dealing with a team of Captains Marvel and King-of-Asgard Thors and “reformed” Thanii and not-quite-Supreme Doctors Strange would. The Watcher’s plan, after all, was never to “win”, it was just to briefly separate the stones and trap them and Inifinitron, which this team accomplished.

*Just to be clear, not an actual quote, just riffing on Doctor Strange from Infinity War.

I had wondered previously about why it was only people we had seen before and some people from the show were on the Ringerverse podcast and explained they had one rule and that was to only show people we already knew, no one new. I’m not sure why, like if it’s licensing or potential future properties and conflicts of canon, but it was a deliberate choice.