What If...? (Disney+ Series) [Open Spoilers After First Post]

I’ve heard that next season they hope to open it up more with Shang-Chi, but I suppose they’d rather introduce a new character in a move than a series that not everyone might watch.

I was sad that Zombie Wanda (Zomda?) didn’t put up more of a fight.

Hot take: Peggy Carter is a MUCH better choice for the Serum than Steve. She already has combat training, is likely stronger as Cap than Steve (if the effects of the Serum are built on existing fitness as I seem to remember) and still has the experience of being left out. I may be swayed by listening to Hayley Atwell having such a ball as CC, though.

Actually, this brings up an interesting point. Who probably designed and invented the technology to shift Zola’s mind into a computer system? He did. So he’d know much more about AI and digitized consciousness than Ultron, who only knew enough to copy himself into another body, but not how to build anything from the ground up. A vet would know more about the workings of a dog than dogs would, if that makes sense.

What happened to Drone Zola? Nat and Clint had already uploaded Zola into one of his drones and he was supposed to take over Ultron via wireless connection; he couldn’t because Ultron was outside the universe, but Zola should have gotten a connection the moment Ultron returned. Instead they had to do another upload.

The Watcher wasn’t selecting based on power. He had that from Dr Tentacles. He picked Killmonger for his betrayal. He picked the others because they were so unusual.

Remember, Infinitron had killed the heroes many times over in many timelines. The Watcher knew that the machine knew how to kill the heroes in all those circumstances. So the Watcher chose the very unusual heroes, that would not behave like their nominal selves.

Infinitron couldn’t adapt to those circumstances. In technical terms, the AI was overtrained.

I also get the sense if he’d picked too powerful a team they’d have just kept hammering Infinitron. They needed to be “weaker” to let him get cocky too. Raw power was useless.

Just finished watching the series, and came to this thread just to see if someone knew something about the Gamora and Stark from which Gamora was taken in the last episode. Glad to see that was already covered.

Thought the Thor episode was a hoot, especially the Howard the Duck bit (once you go quack, you never go back, eh, Darcy?).

While the Doctor Strange episode wasn’t my favorite of the bunch, I was pleasantly surprised that they did not go for the “irony” ending that I was predicting Strange would finally get Christine back to life, and she would reject him for having become monstrous…perhaps running away from him and getting killed while running.

She’s known as “Mrs The Duck” now. :love_hotel:

Yeah, I don’t know who put in a “love_hotel” emoji, but I’m going to start working it into as many posts as possible.

There’s also the fact that, even allowing for intervals of being shut down, Zola probably has much longer (un)life experience of existence as an AI than Ultron, and thus more insight into an AI’s basic workings and vulnerabilities.

She was kicking ass and taking names right up until she saw Vision’s face. She may have been a zombie, but (as evidenced by Zombie Iron Man’s, Zombie Dr. Strange’s, and Zombie Wong’s take down of Ebony Mae and Cull Obsidian) she had cognitive power. Seeing your lover’s face after you think he’s dead has got to be jarring.

I’ve seen some reactions where people think she’s just unhappy he shrugged off her attack, which seems unfair.

That was more or less my take on the scene - she was surprised that she didn’t just instantly kill Ultron with that attack. But recognizing Vision’s face is a better interpretation, I think.

It was definitely that she saw The Vision. Or at least thought she did.

I don’t know why we should be meant to presume that any of the Avengers/Guardians involved in that battle, or even all of them combined, would be capable as inflicting as much damage as the unrestricted power of the Mind Stone?

Also, as far as we know, the Avengers/Guardians were just trying to stop Thanos, at that point, not kill him, outright. Their plan was to get the gauntlet away from him, and yet, TTBOMR, they don’t appear to have considered just cutting his hand off (not even Drax, who actually did want to kill Thanos), so I’m not convinced that it’s a question of Thanos being Just That Tough™, or if they simply weren’t willing to do Whatever It Takes™ yet.

My favorite reaction vid about What If (so far). Some harsh language, but captures the fun of the episode.