What if everyone adopted Trump's rhetoric

:D:D:D Excellent.

I [del]hear by[/del] [del]hearby[/del] hereby resign the office of accountant of this company.

“Here for Festival, are you? You must be from the Valley. Have you a place to sleep it off? You better hurry, it’s almost the Red Hour. The Peace of the Body be with you, brother.”

I am not of the body.

What if everyone adopted Trump’s rhetoric?

Then I’d be a damn fool to do otherwise.

“You will be… Absolved!!!”

meanwhile elsewhere…

“Captain! Resonance Legislation beams have fired on The Constitution from the planet! Our shields are holding them off for now, but it’s taking all that we’ve got. Sensors can’t isolate the random frequencies of Ignorance; the stupidity coming up from the planet seems to be coming from everywhere!”

“Scotty, protect the Constitution at all costs! Jettison the corporations and The Beltway if toy have to and Crack out of there with the main body and the Amendments if you have to…”

Admiral Janeway will arrive from the future with a San Pablo ship equipped with tea party ablative armor plating, and cheeto torpedoes.

Look folks, I live in Jina, I like Jina. The Jinese are great people. But they’re laughing at us. We don’t have a wall, they have a great wall. A beautiful wall. Most people don’t know that.

My crap doesn’t stink, it smells wonderful. Everyone should smell my crap. Plus the colors go great with my golden toilet.