What if everyone...came back?

In this thread:

we explored how to survive if we suddenly woke up to a planet in which only one human being was alive.

What would happen if after one year, five years, 10, 20, etc, all the people who mysteriously dissapeared, suddenly came back?

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I’m sure that is all we would hear about on CNN and MSNBC. Over and over and over.
I’ll bet they’d all have an interesting story and they would sell millions of books. Lots of movie deals would be in the works, too.
I’d love to hear a few people tell their story…such as Amelia Earhardt, D. B. Cooper and Jimmy Hoffa.

“Guys, are you sure the shadows on the scenery is right? We don’t want anyone to know.”

Regarding the smashed cars, the dead livestock, the smoked-in art museums, the stately mansions surrounded by artillery and diesel tankers: “It was like that when I got here.”

When they all screamed, “surprise!” I would imagine my heart would stop and that would pretty much be all she wrote for me.