What if Hitler repented?

if he sincerely repented, he would willingly go to hell for punishment

I have no idea where this came from, but it’s in the Lutheran Liturgy, so it might be Biblical…

“God does not desire the death of sinners. Rather that they may turn from their wickedness and live.”

Yep, it’s biblical. Ezekiel 33:11. It’s also in the Yom Kippur service in Judaism.

(JPS translation)

Zev Steinhardt

Ummm. OK, I guess. But if he sincerely repented, he would be forgiven, and there would be no need of punishment.

Darn Commie!

I prefer to see Him as a wealthy philanthropist. :wink:

That’s one of my favorite Parables, Lib.

What a reasoned and level collection of responses. Maybe this group could try something more tricky next time, such as the role of forgiveness in certain extremist religious factions…

I couldn’t avoid adding this other thought: what does “asking for repentance” mean in Hitler’s context? It would take an hour to drum up a list of his sins. In Hitler is a man so divided from the common decency of human activity that his reasons for eating breakfast and writing a letter to his mother would probably be offensive to most people. I’m not kidding. He probably ate to “fuel the fires” of some wacko (non-spiritual) notion of bodily purity.

It might be possible that Hitler was so encompassingly twisted, having commited henious acts for years, that he would be unable to repent.

I think the result would be somthing like this:

Hayduke Lives!! wrote, in the OP:

Doesn’t matter if he did.

He died by committing suicide. That’s pretty much a Mortal Sin that no amount of forgiveness is supposed to erase.

Isn’t it possible that he didn’t commit suicide but was instead murdered by one of the other people who were present? Either way, I for one don’t buy the “suicide is unforgiveable” theory. But I also doubt Hitler was sorry for anything he did.

Muad, that cartoon was hillarious!:stuck_out_tongue:

Well, in the little Baptist Church that I went to, I was taught that all anyone has to do is ask Jesus, the Lord God, to forgive us any time in our life and we are saved. Whosoever believeth in him won’t perish. Since Jesus is God and Immortal he is in heaven, which is not a place in the sky, but something that exists outside of time, it doesn’t matter when we ask. It is all the same to him. We are not perfect, but God is. So we don’t have to enumerate all our sins, or even have committed them all yet, just ask that he forgive them. He is perfect so that he can forgive perfectly even if we can only ask imperfectly. So according to this even if we lose faith, having asked once was enough, so yes, Hitler may well have made it to heaven. So will a lot of others that we may not see fit to forgive, God is a bigger person that we ever can be.

In Sunday school, another kid was worried and scared because a friend had told him that if he did not ask for forgiveness after each sin he could go to HELLL. He was telling about how you could think bad things on your deathbed and go to HELL, or forget a sin and not ask forgiveness and then go to HELL. The Sunday school teacher listened in quitet horror at all the ways you could wind up in Hell and finally said, “Do you think God is a lawyer?” He explained that God wasn’t going to try to trap us. God loves us. Our sins hurt him, but he doesn’t demand you apologize after each one.