What if Obama dies

I don’t wish any harm on the man, I know next to nothing about him.

Supposing he dies before taking office, in an accident, of natural causes or God forbid, by assassins bullet.

Who would be the president elect?.

Would it be McCain by virtue of him coming second in the presidential race or would it be Obamas VP elect ?

There’s no such official thing as a ‘President elect’. If it happened before the electors cast their ballots, those electors could cast their ballots for pretty much anyone (state laws punishing them for this notwithstanding).

Either the DNC would direct them to cast their ballots for Biden, or to continue to vote for Obama. With Obama unable to take office, Biden would then assume the presidency.

I should have said “What if he dies after the vote”


If he dies after the vote, Biden takes office as President.

I think the clinical GQ answer is, “Joe Biden”.

The more difficult (and legitimate and important) GD question is, “What would happen to the US?”

Personally, I cannot imagine it. I was talking to a colleague today, and we were both saying that we still cannot believe that he actually won. For a lot of us, we were nervously (up until the last minute) expecting the “other shoe to drop” – that is, for Obama somehow to lose. That he actually won (and somewhat decisively) is truly amazing.

Now, the “other shoe” is for some nut to take him out. Which I think would be catastrophic for our country. I cannot imagine it (and I hope I never have to).

And this is what I’m afraid of.

That some bigot out there is already oiling up his rifle and having target practice

I’m sure that they are. But the Secret Service has a pretty good track record. Let’s just hope they keep up their winning streak vs. the badguys.

One of the news organizations had an article answering this question a few days ago on their website.

The short answer is probably Joe Biden - but what happens is that the winner’s party would get to choose a new presidential candidate who would then be the president elect.

So the DNC would get together and choose a new president, basically. It would likely be Joe Biden - but it could be anyone, including Hillary.

We would have President Joe “Peckerhead” Biden.
If I were not an atheist, I would spend the next four years praying fervently for Obama’s continued good health and safety.

Losing a president to death - no matter whether he’s liked or not - is extremely traumatic to a country, I think. Remember how we all felt after 9/11? Violated, and unsafe? That’s how we’d feel, I think, if a president was murdered. Let’s hope it never happens, ever. I never wanted Dubya to die, either, and I really didn’t like him.

I was a college freshman when JFK was assassinated, and yes, it was traumatic at least on the same level as 9/11 . . . even for people who didn’t like him. As I’ve stated in other threads, I have serious fears for Obama. There are a lot of crazy people out there, some of whom are white supremacists . . . many of whom have guns. And I don’t have as much confidence in the Secret Service as some people. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

But to answer the OP’s question: probably Biden. He’s the one Obama chose to be his successor in such an event, and they would respect that choice.

I think it stands to reason that Biden would be the president.
And I think it stands to reason that the sky would fall in should anything untoward happen to BHO either now or during his presidency.
But as a slight aside, I can’t think of one prime minister, past or present, whose untimely death would have left me feeling violated and unsafe. I wonder why in America this is so.

I suspect it is because Obama is not only the Head of Government, as the PM is, but he is also the Head of State. The more analogous situation might be the assassination of a particularly well-liked royal.

Quoting wikipedia

The role of president is hugely symbolic; he’s more than just the leader of the government or executive branch. He is supposed to personify America on the world stage. I, personally, would be devastated.

In the U.S., if a President is at all popular, he’s almost like royalty. (Although George Washington set a good precedent by insisting on the address “Mr. President” instead of something fancier.) In the UK, you’ve got actual royalty, so the PM is just the chief civil servant. Imagine somebody assassinating your monarch, and you might be a little closer to how shocking it is.

Reagan was the last President to come close to being assassinated; let’s hope it stays that way. Fortunately, white supremacists tend to be stupid.

What if the Queen was assassinated? Would you feel different? The President is more than a Prime Minister. You have both Queen and PM where we have only the President. I believe the President wields far more power than a PM, even more than one like Winston Churchill. (Well except maybe Carter, he never seems to have much power at all and that is part of why he was not respected as a President.)

Fair point.
I believe many people in the UK wouldn’t give two hoots if The Queen was assassinated (although the reaction to the untimely death of Diana surely disproves my theory!).
Obviously it would be viewed as a heinous act, but I wouldn’t miss a beat in my day-to-day. But with a prime minister and a Queen all rolled in to one, maybe that would be different. Like the captain of the ship taking the first hit or something.

Beyond the trauma associated with any presidential assassination I would expect an Obama assassination (rather than just dropping dead of natural causes) would prompt mass rioting across the nation. It happened after Dr. King was assassinated and I believe this would easily rise to that level, perhaps surpass it.

If the Queen were assassinated the shit would well and truly hit the fan.

Fucking hell! I can’t even begin to imagine the absolute fury that would follow in the wake of that…when I think of it the assassination of any royal would be result in terrible repercussions on the guilty parties.

No stone would remain unturned until they were found and dealt with, and I mean dealt with

I guess the same would happen if Obama were assassinated

There’s no question that would happen, but chowder how would you personally feel? No fury from me. No sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I’d feel sorry for ma’am and her family, I really would, but the entire British forces on red alert would not be doing it my name or to make me feel safe. You might guess I’m no royalist.

Yes, that is it exactly.