What if the SDMB were . . . older?

Ladies - Fashion Advice Needed! Whalebone or Steel?
Tavern Wench didn’t put out - tip or no?
Gin or Whiskey to stunt my lap dog puppies? (pictures!)
Resolved: Sparing the rod makes ill-mannered children
My neighbor doth covet mine ass - shall Jehovah smite him, or shall I stone him with stones?

Posted April 15, 1865 in Cafe Society by Honest Abe–My crazy wife is dragging me to the theatre tonight.

General Questions:
How much leeway on the “rule of thumb”?

Great Debates:
Do menses make women incapable of critical thought?

Cafe Society:
Favorite books to burn?

Wood, small pebbles, gravy: What else floats in water?

Followed later by…

So we’re burning my neighbor tonight.

The Pit:
King George, Stop Taxing My Tea
Damnit, I want my child labor back!

ETA: And don’t forget the lolcats .

Nitpick: What else could you stone him with?

circa 2000 B.C. Is it improper for a gentlemen to post before or after a woman when she is unclean?

The Novel: Legitimate Artform, or Corrupting Influence on Young Minds?

My first Voyage at sea!!! What luggage should I bring on the Titanic?!?
Why do all peasants like playing folk Music so loud?
I Pit The wheel!!! most over rated technology… ever
Shakespeare play 10/11 “Romeo and Julliet” (open Spoilers)
(Note the third post in the thread states how Will has jumped the shark and has sucked for the last few seasons)

Why do Peasants all smell badly.
Poll: SHAKE OR BAKE… favorite playwrite?
Witches spotted in Salem… will the left admit they were wrong?
Madison lies again!!! War in Canada bogged down again with no end in site!!
Why do Peasants eat only potatoes?


1957: The Sputnik launch was a hoax.

1798: The Alien and Sedition Acts - why does Thomas Jefferson hate America?

Posted Septemver 6, 2005 B.C. by Hal Briston:Sex with sheep is fun.

Actually, I think we debated that just last week.


Musicians - talk to me about harpsichords

Fashion advice needed - Is you filet fluted or crenelated?

Visagoths rape and pillage (RO)

1783: Manned flight - just a lot of hot air?

Posted October 7, 1914: Dopers ** Really Rosie** and JoeK get married (with photographs).

And we hope to have a big, happy family.

Let’s rewrite ‘Pride and Prejudice’ in the style of one of the other Austen sisters!

I say to ye again that the Papacy is corrupt and vile. We are all clergy and we are all baptized with the pages of the bible! Not the woodpulp, you miserable buggerers of your neighbors’ goats. But the word of Og is citeth there, and Og is my cite!

Resolvedeth: The pontiff smells like an arse with an egg in it. Discuss…

Marty L.

Germ Theory: Yea or Nae?

Marty, are becoming a verse one trick pony than JDT. Vut’s wrong… did your mutter not cuddle you as a children?


Despairing of having grandchildren: Daughter is almost 14 and shows no interest in marriage. What to do?


14YO daughter exchanging romantic correspondence with financially stable older gentleman in another state. How to arrange RL meeting?

Ask the hangman
Ask the consumptive
Ask the guy with melancholia
Ask the guy who’s had a trepanation
Ask the guy who’s been in the pillory

First Thanksgiving…ever! Need recipes fast!

Does the Holy Spirit proceed from the Father alone, or from the Father and the Son? Let’s settle this once and for all!