What if they make good Episode IV?

26 years isn’t long enough in this case, because we’ve been talking about it for pretty much the entire 26 years.

In contrast, The Goodbye Girl, which also came out as a movie in 1977, is being remade now. THAT one can be remade, because after all, who’s been talking about The Goodbye Girl for the past 26 years?

Since SW is still relatively prominent in the consciousness of the American culture mind, it seems fresh and new and probably shouldn’t be remade. . . yet.

Hey! I picked up Johnny Depp because he was at hand, true (I’ve just seen “Pirates…”), but I still think he’s a real, versatile actor and very underrated, indeed. The only actor I can remember having the cynical attitude of Harrison/Solo is Dennis Quaid, but that’s only for look-alike, I think. You may suggest your casting, of course my word is not definitive.

I stated clearly that I’m a big fan of the original trilogy. I was 13 when I saw it. And I would really like to see a remake with today’s technology, new actors and… listen carefully: the same screenplay, shot-by-shot, as Gus Van Sant’s Psycho.

If done that way, I have no doubt I shall like it.

Well, see, Ewan has been quoted as to saying he wants to drop his drawers in the films and show off his “REAL lightsaber.”

Which we’ve already seen in The Pillow Book. grin

Which puts me in mind of Spaceballs… “I see your Schwartz is as big as mine… but let’s see how well you… handle it.”

Actually, my friend and I were discussing Attack of the Fifty-Foot Clones from Mars last night, and Orlando Bloom was mentioned as one of the few actors who could have pulled off the ‘troubled’ (and badly-written) Anakin in that movie without sounding like a pouty twelve-year-old who’s pissed he didn’t get cast in Harry Potter.

(Holy crap, they’re remaking The Goodbye Girl? That was a good movie, I hope the new one does it justice …)