What if they make good Episode IV?

With the way Episode I and II turned out, Episode III will either have a lot more contridictions or be 3-5 hours long. So whats the solution? A remake!

Personally, I like remakes, even when they’re awful. I just like seeing the new one’s point of view on what the orginal’s real point was, and all that stuff. But I’m not as emotionally attached to Episode IV as I’m sure others are. But maybe people won’t be completely turned off if it looks good and it promises the same emotion and excitement as the original.

So lets say the script is good, the director is good, the screenplay is good, and Lucas is tied up, gagged, and left somewhere in Australia. Would you, could you, like this remake? What would it take for you to at least pay money to see it?

Good actors, an interesting story, and innovative storytelling.

Probably won’t happen. Just more CGI-crapola.

You know, the original Star Wars is officially Episode IV.

I think that’s the idea: to begin remaking the series from the “first” film (i.e. episode IV).

I liked the original Star Wars film as much as anyone. But I certainly would like to see a remake. It’s aged enough to try it.

Mmm… I think some people would consider it a blasphemy. Not me.

Luke Skywalker: Elijah Wood
Princesa Leia: Christina Ricci
Han Solo: Johnny Depp
Ben / ObiWan Kenobi: Sean Connery
Darth Vader: (voice) James Earl Jones

Director: Robert Rodriguez

(Please save the “blasphemy!” yelling, I’m a big fan of the original)

This is the worst thing that has ever been. I mean, sure, everyone loved Pirates etc. but I can only pray that you’re joking around.

Even tied up and gagged, I’ve still gotta ask - what the hell did we ever do to you?!?


Why is it that when a new movie comes out, people associate that actor with that movie and forget all that has come before?

Grr …

Edward ScissorHands
Ed Wood
Sleepy Hollow
Donnie Brasco
Ninth Gate

All great movies (albeit in different ways).

mmmm … Ninth Gate

Lazarus 7 has a point. I think if anyone can pull off a decent Han Solo without resorting to blatantly imitating Ford, it might be Depp.

Did someone say Brendan Frasier?

No? I must have misheard then.

Oh god, don’t touch the original trilogy anymore than it has been touched!


Episode IV was just fine the way it was originally made. If something needs to be remade is I and II.

If they could add in footage of naked Ewan in II, I’d be VERY VERY happy.

No, no, no…they’d HAVE to leave Harrison Ford circa 1980 in. He looked damn good back then!

I’m thinking this would be a very, very bad idea…but if they did manage to work Orlando Bloom in, I’d be off like a shot to see it.

I haven’t forgotten about any of Depp’s previous movies. I assumed that Grouser’s casting choice was influenced by Depp’s performance in Pirates. I’m not saying Depp is a bad actor; just that he is pretty close to the bottom of the list of good actors when ranked by how they would handle the part of Han Solo. I could almost imagine him as a re-cast Luke Skywalker.

However, I think the whole idea of re-making Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi is absolutely horrific.

If they were forced to do it, I would still rather see them cast the movies primarily with unknowns.

The way Lucas keeps changing Star Wars because it was not the movie he wanted to make because of the technology back then, I say make a new one and leave the original alone. That is the movie I grew up with and like, not the needless CGI crap added to the “new” version.

Also in regards to the upcoming movie, I hope it is good and interesting, but I am not holding my breath, and will probably not see it in the theaters.

You know, there is really no movie title you could substitute for “II” that would make me disagree with that statement.

I’m against remaking the original trilogy. It could be interesting, yeah, but I honestly don’t think they’d be able to top them. I mean, can Darth Vader be done any better than he was in IV and V? I’m thinking no.

In case you’re unaware of this fact: he gets naked in Trainspotting.

And The Serpent’s Kiss. And Velvet Goldmine. And Young Adam. And Scarlet and Black. And The PillowBook. Possibly in Nightwatch but I haven’t gotten my tape in yet. Ewan does keep his clothes on in The Polar Bears of Churchill, but I think that’s only because of considerations due to the temperature.

God, I adore the man…

Er…yes. Remaking Episode IV. I’m not fer it, I’m agin’ it. One was enough thanks. The original has a definite charm. A remake would be a cold, soulless, lumbering monstrosity if the prequels are anything to judge by. I like the prequels, but redoing the original in that style would just be asking for trouble.


Hey, I liked Episode II! Actually, I liked Episode I, but I recognized it was nothing more than fluff and wasn’t meant to be anything more…