What if Star Wars Episode II and III had been good? (Video)

So, I’m all into Star Wars this week, and it being a light week at work I’m watching some videos on it. I came across these two that basically ask the question and go into some details on how this guy thinks Episode II and Episode III could have been better. He basically re-writes both episodes and corrects some of the myriad issues to make the story, especially the continuity better, at least in his opinion.

I thought some 'dopers might enjoy the video and perhaps there is a discussion to be had here. I an certainly say that I wish I’d seen THESE movies instead of the ones we actually got. If you have some time and want to check them out I encourage you to do so…they are about 20 mins long each.

(sorry if these videos have previously been discussed here…I didn’t even check)

Much better. I’ll leave the debating and shredding to those more knowledgeable of the Star Wars universe, but speaking as an ever-so-slightly-more-than-casual fan, I thought it was a much more enjoyable story.

That guy actually became semi famous from his original video about Episode 1 which I can’t link to at the moment but is probably findable through the other two videos.

Wanted to add the link to “What if Episode I was Good.”

Thanks for linking these. I remember years ago reading the suggestion that episode II should have been a buddy cop movie in space (so that Anakin’s fall means more), but this takes things to a whole new level.